Did you see what I did there?

Based on the children’s fiction series that you might have read or seen the movies, I remembered last night that I owned the box set of the book.

My 13 year old was randomly reading one of the books in the series as she grabbed it from her library at school and when I told her we owned it and the others, she was like, “What? Let me have it”

Perhaps not because she was overwhelmed by the idea of reading, but more so by the fact that she could return the other to the library and then take her sweet time reading our own copy.

Anyway, before I continue to digress into science fiction, I as well did something that I was not really wanting to do last night.

Just like she did not want to read, I did not want to work out.

You know, when life gets in the way and you have so much going on.

But I did it anyways…and that is what separates the successful from those who do not experience success.

We do it anyways.

It was a quick workout of hamstrings and calves and did feel good when it was over about 15 minutes later.

My girlfriend Danielle was rocking it with me as well and she has has some amazing changes in her physique which has required her to update her wardrobe (damn it, there I go again referring back the story!)

While I lost some weight initially, I have gained more in muscle so my overall sizes have not changed with clothes for the most part.

Though this could be a great problem to have:

Causing you or loved one, family and friends to have to  update their clothing options because they have gotten healthier.

Just think of the influence you could have should you start to take action every other day with workouts…or everyday with the business side of things.

It’s all about action and what Daniel spoke of the other night which I shared with you the other day and I want to share again today as it truly relates to mindset much of the time.

If you come in, get a job and take no action you get fired.

If you go to the gym, just walk around and look at stuff but never lift anything you see no strength increase.

If you join a platform and never create content, engage with others or share your links in multiple locations you will never get any leads.

As I have said before, you get out of it what you put into it.

Go watch this again even if you have already watched it once and really let it sink in and determine how bad you truly want to experience some success:

Daniel Kump: Job versus Business

or click this link instead


You truly have what it takes, if you take action daily.

Does not have to be perfect, just has to be…

Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every day of the year.

Let’s do this!

Dave Gardner