The Most Life Changing Traffic Tactic I’ve Ever Learned with Pure Leverage Leader Daegan Smith

So here is the deal…My team leader Daegan Smith
is giving a one week course on being in the right
time and the right place.

I also found out he is giving away some kick butt
courses he developed for those that join us on the
team right here AND upgrade to VIP status:

These include but are not limited to:

1) Solo ad Secrets
2) Zero Resistance Recruiting
3) Perpetual Duplication
4) A landing page created for you to build
5) Tickets to the live team event
and much more!

Enjoy it and look out for more tomorrow!

Dave Gardner

Here is part two now…

Yesterday I shared with you what I
believe to be the greatest opportunity
in the history of capitalism:

And exactly why I believe it to be so,
and I really hope that got it and had
the opportunity spread the message with
the marketing content I made available
to you.

If you missed that lesson don’t fret.
You will find it attached at the bottom
of this message.

Today we’re forging ahead to traffic.

Use today’s strategy to supercharge your
new business to instant success:

Creating insane success requires
aggression during these small windows of
time we’re presented with like right now
when things are hot and new so how to
get massive traffic fast is what we will

As you know …

I’ve had the great privilege of being an
online entrepreneur for over eight years
now and it’s been amazing to see how
quickly the marketplace changes, and yet

On a certain level, how some things
never change.

Even before I share the specific traffic
generation strategy with that I
personally hold supreme let me point out
that the ability to clearly see what IS
changing in any marketplace and what IS
NOT changing is one of the most powerful
strategic advantage of all.

All too often, I see people in this
industry attempt to build their business
as if their enterprise was a boat riding
a current – going wherever the current
takes them.

No doubt, being flexible to changes in
the marketplace and adapting to them
surely has it’s advantages, but without
an anchor you simply drift, and I’ve
seen many an aspiring entrepreneur drift
right over a waterfall to their demise.

In an attempt to prevent you from
drifting along that gentle current to
your demise today I share with you my
anchor & sail.

That part of my business that keeps me
moving in whatever direction I so choose
no matter where the current may go.

Back in 2005 this one simple strategy I
will outline for you today was the exact
spark that got me out of my J.O.B. –

In 2010 when I had but $30,000 to my
business’s name and over $30,000 in
people in expenses I wagered all the
cash I had on this one tactic and it
saved me from bankruptcy.

In 2012 because of this very same tactic
I had my first $286,000 month, and it
happened while I was away on my

It’s rare in today’s world to find a
strategy that stands the test of time,
has the power to usurp you from your
job, save you from certain doom, and
take your business to extreme heights.

In fact, this is the only one I’ve found
like it.

What is it?

Paying other people to get exposure to
their lists or newsletter marketing.

Today, in my business, I spend $100,000+
to several hundred thousand dollars per
month solely on this strategy, and right
now I’m going to teach you my secret
sauce to how to do this profitably

Understand this strategy hasn’t changed
in the last eight years and likely won’t
& anyone can do this. Here’s what you

1. Do a Google search for “your niche” +
newsletter or advertising & compile 100
– 200 sites that look good.

2. Go back and review these sites and
remove any that don’t look pro. What I
mean by this is if the site has a green
background and purple text it’s got to

When I do this I normally get rid of
about 50% of sites. This is good.

3. Contact the sites that offer
advertising and ask them if there rates
are still the same and share your ad
copy with them to see what they think.
In my experience about 10% – 15% of
website publishers will respond which
will significantly thin the herd.

4. Read their responses and eliminate
any that are not positive or seem middle
of the road. (If you want to be really
sure you’re spending your money in the
right place – call the owner and discuss
your advertising plans with them.)

5. You’ll end up about 5 – 10 good
candidates to test & right here’s where
most people go wrong.

Those who do this stuff wrong want to
give into the temptation to try one ad
at a time.

My advice is get a credit card and go
all in.

Test them all at the same time.

Business is about speed, why wait months
to get results that you could today?

6. Track your ads individually using a
good tracking program and make sure
you’re tracking leads AND sales. Very

7. When your ads start producing traffic
follow up with your leads by email. In a
future lesson in this series, I’ll share
with you what I consider my maximum
profit email marketing formula.

8. Give yourself 90 days before you call
and winner or a looser.

Most people want to see immediate money
after placing ad, but after spending
millions on this stuff, that ain’t how
it happens most of the time.

You’ve got to grind out your results.

9. Vary your offerings to your list by
letting them give you money via the
method they feel most comfortable using.

Do webinars and teleseminars. Give your
leads an opportunity to purchase from
you via a one on one conversation.

Understand not all people purchase the
same way, so you if you don’t let them
purchase in a way that they are
comfortable with you loose not them.

10. Go back to the winners, the ones you
broke even or better on, and do it

11. Never ever stop. Even when you’ve
got 1,000 profitable streams of traffic
following this method it’s not enough.
Keep going.

Here’s an real world expectation and a

I’m good at this stuff, and even at the
end of all this only about 20% of my ads
turn our profitable, but … It only
takes 2 out of 10 successes to create a
million dollar business. Remember that.

What I just described to you is what we
do every single day to ferret out
profitable ad spots for ourselves and
our client at

If you’d like a short cut to finding
profitable list while limiting your own
risk make sure you’re on our client list
by joining our subscribe list via the
link above – it’s free.

I could go deeper, in fact …

I have a complete course coving this
method which you can find here: which you can
purchase at any time for $197, but I’ve
decided to do something special.

If you make the couragous leap to not
only join us in PureLeverage here:

But also upgrade to VIP so that you can
earn 100% commissions on everything in
your business and NOT pass those sales
up to me I’ll consider you a serious
entreperenuer and I’ll give you a copy
of Solo Ad Secret for free.

I’m willing to do this for two reasons.

1. If you’re serious enough to fully
commit to yourself I want reward you for
your commitment.

2. The amazing thing about PureLeverage
is that NOT only do you get 100% of the
commissions on the front end, but you
get 50% of the commissions on your team
going down into infinity.

Make sure you watch the compensation
plan video to truly grasp how this works
once you opt in here:

Because it’s THE most powerful concept
I’ve ever seen for creating leveraged
income within an opportunity.

So when you upgrade I’ll benefit at
least a little from your commitment
monetarily as well. Momma didn’t raise
no sucker.

Now that you’ve got my TOP traffic
getting method.

The one I use myself everyday to support
my own multi million dollar business the
next question that should come to mind
how do I convert that traffic into the
most leads.

And that’s exactly what we’ll cover
tomorrow – how to create your own high
converting lead booby trap.

See you then …

To the top,


P.S. Watch this for instructions on how
to upgrade to VIP & access your free copy
of Solo Ad Secrets:

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