The Most Patriotic Pontoon Boat Ever

The Most Patriotic Pontoon Boat Ever

As we waited for the Fireworks for the 4th of July festivities, we were welcomed by the most patriotic pontoon boat ever.

As the video above shows, they really knew how to bring the show to Owasco Lake, which likes in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York, just west of Syracuse.

Not only did they just come out to the lake, they drove all around, in and between the other boaters, and spread holiday cheer with their American themed music as well.

In other words, I guess you could say they were ‘showboating’ their way around.

Sometimes this can work wonders for your brand, though with so many light going on I could not see what his brand actually was.  With the flashing lights all over I could not read what the small signs were on the boat to see if he had a business he ran for lighting displays.

People pay good money for holiday lights and when you have someone talented to put up a display that can be synced to music, they can do well with the right customer base.

But having the right customer base does not do any good for you if you have no way to get in touch with them quickly.  Lets say you have an open date and want to let your customers know about it on a first come first served basis.  How would you go about getting your message out.

A print ad in the newspaper might take a couple days or weeks, while a magazine publication would take months. You instead could could do it instantly with the right tools, such as those included in the Pure Leverage marketing tools suite, which includes but is not limited to an email autoresponder software.  This email software is what allows you to send mass messages to your subscribers and let them know about updates, specials, sales and more and is applicable and necessary for all business owners.

If you are a subscriber of mine (if not just fill out the form on the top right of the page to get my newsletters) then you get my emails delivered through this exact platform.  This is the same platform I have used since 2009.

Being flashy is great at times, but you have to be able to back it up and be able to get your brand out there consistently by leveraging yourself with the right tools, like Pure Leverage offers.

Perhaps next year they will have a better sign on their boat with a website telling viewers to sign up for their offers, light shows and more.

Then while they were boating, their potential customer base could be growing.  Again, this is “Leverage”

You too can gain some leverage in your business and for your brand for just $1 to test it out here at

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