The Pizza Shop that ran the town

How a Pizza Place took over the town I have one question for you today?

Does your pizza place have your contact info?

If you answer no, you are most likely like everyone else reading this today.

Talk about wasting the traffic coming through your door.  And this does not get limited to just Pizza Places.

This could hold true to any place you order from or buy from in your local town.

One of the best way to get traffic to your site or through your business is to bring back people who are already using your site or business.

Why bother wasting time to continue to bring in new leads on a daily basis when you can bring back those who have already experienced what you had to offer them...and more.

So, does your Pizza Place have your contact info?

This would be a simple thing to do for the business.

Just ask for your email, in exchange for a free 'something'.  This 'something' could be a free small pizza, free soda with their next purchase, free topping on their current order or anything similar.

And guess what, none of these places do this.

They are wasting their traffic.  To give you an idea of just one of my local shops.  They put in a weekly high gloss insert into the coupon clipper magazine showing all their menu items, but never take action on getting their clients to provide info.

Perhaps they think that by giving something away for free, they will not make any money.

Boy are they losing out here.The major problem is that most stores in your hometown are doing the same exact thing.

Now do not get me wrong, as some businesses may get it and ask for phone numbers or emails addresses but honestly, how often do they get in touch with you.  How often do they give you a special offer?  They are killing their traffic opportunities.

All you have to do is sit down for a few minutes and I am probably sure you could come up with a few ways that a local store could get you to comeback in to look around.

A quick email telling you that a new shipment arrived and you get a sneak peak after/before hours or a special coupon discount that only those on the mailing list get......which of course they say you can make copies for your families and friends.

Some businesses get it.

The question is, are the ones you want to get it, getting it, or are they still clueless.One of the keys to working online is to provide a means to solve problems for others.  Suppose you could solve the problems of your local businesses by helping them gain traffic to their business or website.

When you learn and can pass on the knowledge to others you know you have made it.  Some of you reading this right now might be able to help out a store now, while others might need the help themselves...and that is perfectly fine.

We will get you there as well.  Knowing the tricks to the trade is important and having a supportive group to assist you is even better.  Before you know it, you will be helping both the pizza owner and others send traffic to their business and websites continually.

Remember though, you have to start somewhere.  Whether it is blogging, article writing, blog or forum posting or Paid traffic, the key is to take action and revise later, or TARL.  That is something I learned year ago from Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins.

As I often say, you get out of it what you put into it.  The more you put in of course the more results you will see.  They might not always be great results, though we learn best from Failure.

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I want to hear how you progress and make out so be sure to comment below with an update.To making that Pizza shop take over your town

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