The Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline

Recently I started reading the Wave 3 Way to Building your downline by Richard Poe!

Just the other day though I had also written about the idea of Leaders are Readers which you can see on my other post here at

In this book, The Wave 3 Way  discusses methods to help build your downline in a network marketing or multi level marketing business.  While years ago there were steps to build a team including calling all of your friends and family and burning out your life spending endless hours on the phones and going to meetings sharing the plans...

...that changed with the inception of automation tools like videos, tapes, recordings and more (which has not become even better with the onset of the Internet to continue sharing details of your company, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

As of this posting, I have read about half of the book and it goes through many of the struggles and strategies that leaders overcame to build their teams and their legacy.

One such story spoke of the idea of lessening the pressure you put on people to look at the business.  Acting like a pest and continuing to come at people with offers and every detail available to a prospect can make that prospect feel as though that is how they would need to recruit as well.

Which leaves them with an overall bad taste in their mouth and wanting nothing to do with the business.

Instead leave them wanting to know more.

Some will, Some Won't, So What!

Perhaps right now is not a great time for them, though down the road if you were not a jerk in the first place and stay in touch, but not in a pestering way, they might continue to follow you and see your consistency, leadership and growth and want to re-consider (and wish they joined you in the first place)

Not everyone is made out for working their own business and finding the ones who are motivated can be a challenge.

With Network marketing you want to have the ability to duplicate easily with your downline,  People can generally be lazy when it comes to having to 'work' to grow, so the more support and resources that are available for them to point their prospect and downline too, the greater you will observe your team grow.

If you notice the picture above, you will see I actually picked this book up for just $1.  I believe I ordered it on Amazon, though sometimes  you get lucky and you find books like these at the Rescue Mission/Thrift Store because someone probably thought working was not worth it and only made it part way through the book and gave up.

Are you going to be the one who gives up as well, or follows some of the leaders from the Wave 3 Way to building your downline and come out a success?

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