The Worst Question You Could Ever Ask

I just got this email today from Greg Schmidt of “YouArePrepared” and had to share it with you.  It should make you think and take action in some way today.

There’s one question that
I hope you never have to ask…

At least, not WHEN and HOW most people ask it.

It unfortunately, usually goes something like this:

“[EXPLETIVE], What do I do now?”

Let me be frank: Asking (and answering) this
question NOW, vs. asking and trying to answer it
during the heat of the moment, is the KEY difference
between survival as a self-reliant person – ready to
protect your family…

And being an unprepared sheep… Herded without
control like the rest of the unprepared.

The correct question to ask is:

What do I do now to prepare for what might
come my way?
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Well, you’ve already shown me that you want to know
the answer to that question.

And I have answered it for you in one of the most
important presentations I’ve ever recorded.

This presentation is 100% free, and I encourage
you to watch it now, before I take it down on Friday.

All the right questions – and answers <— Click here

See you on the other side…

Greg Schmidt
President | YouArePrepared

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