Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold

Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold

Think and Grow Rich: Three feet from gold

Today could be just another normal day at camp or on a boat during the holiday weekend.  Just relaxing around and doing nothing with my time, however I like to do the opposite of normal sometimes so that it can benefit others and myself in the long run.

I had brought along two books with me for the couple day stay and had finished “To Sell is Human“, by Daniel Pink, which you can read about my views on a prior post here:

That means it was time to kick start my next book, which was Three Feet From Gold” by Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid as part of the Napolean Hill foundation (famous for his Think and Grow Rich book) which you can see me holding as I was out by the water just catching some rays and reading a few chapters.

I actually read about 10 chapters so far today and will hit up one more before bed as this is a very easy read and presented in a story fashion similar to the Celestine Prophecy, which I had ready many years before in the fact that there is a main character travelling around the world seeking out the knowledge that will bring him to another level in business.  Along the way he is running into and meeting many significant figures in modern day business, sports, industry and learning another piece of the success puzzle from them.

This is even a book I think I will assign my 12 year old who is getting into the blogging scene as I think it can spread some great ideas and help to fill her mindset with how to go after things she is passionate about.

One of the main ideas I am sure you can get from the title is that you can never give up.  Too many times in history, there have been people who had stopped their progress or quit inches away from success.  Now “inches” is used as a figure of speech here, though it is the ones who kept pushing through that were successful.

It is all about consistency in action and never giving up and knowing you are going to reach your successes in due time.

So go grab your own copy of the book here and never quit digging for your riches!

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