Three key things to coinsider

Three key things to 'coinsider'

This past week I was on winter break from teaching and had hoped to get in some good emails though nature took over.

There is the expression when Hell Freezes Over...well that just about happened this past week as a part of the United States that is normally hot was actually frozen.

Texas was in a deep freeze for about 6 days which caused massive damage to infrastructure and caused millions to be without heat or internet for days.

Now living in the central New York area, we get snow and ice all the time and it is cold about 30 percent of the year, though we also have the snow plows and trucks to clear the roads and make it safe to drive, which if course Texas does not.

Anyhow, we are back at it and I wanted to update you on a few things since my email on February 2, just 20 days ago and relate to the crypto currency world which is truly unfolding right in front of the world right now.

Here was my recent haul from the library...I have gone through about half of it already and will continue to educate myself and do my due diligence in the process.


I mentioned a great new service similar to Fiverr where you can get tasks done for you called Anytask...which I now have 15 things listed and would love for you to come check out as you might find something of value to use for your own business or daily growth.

I would highly recommend the 150 MLM emails and The Execution Factor or some of my Marketing books as well in digital format.

You can see those and more here:

You can pay for any task in your normal currency and I get paid in their crypto known as Electroneum which has increased recently in price per coin from something like $0.005 to $0.013 which is more than doubling its price and getting back towards initial coin offerings a few years ago as it has been around since the end of 2017


Last I wrote $100 USD was equal to 0.0028 it is worth 0.0019 BTC as the price has skyrocketed since Elon Musk and Tesla vouged to put in 1.5Billion into Bitcoin and more are surely to follow though do NOT think it is still to late.  There are some people who think it will hit $500K or perhaps even a million dollars (for just one bitcoin)

NOTE: You do not have to buy a whole can buy millionths of them...ex. 0.000001 would cost you about $0.05 though who really is going to invest 5 cents lol!

Right now you can get a $10 bonus in BTC if you join Coinbase and invest $100 in any crypto currency (hey that is a 10% bonus on your initial investment AND they also have other crypto you can earn for free just by watching a few videos)

One example gave me $10 of free Stellar Lumens and in another I got $6 of Cello Gold...Both have increased in value since.

While digital currency may seem out of a future movie, the future is going to come whether you are accepting it or not, so why not get on the train before you totally miss it and become one of the early adaptors of the idea.

Heck major companies are going in like PayPal and others recently

You can join Coinbase here:


Just recently I learned about a new coin that has been released by the Pi Network that allows you to mine "Pi" coins on your smartphone...boom, no other coin that I am familiar with yet allows this just by clicking one button each day to keep it working on the back end (basically showing you are a real human!)

Now a major point here is Pi is currently worth $0.00...though so was Bitcoin at one point.  Let that sink in as Bitcoin is now over $50K

People started using it and trading it for random things and Pi will do the same.

You can be one of the first one and can get started here free: 

When you register you need to be invited so be sure to add that you were invited by "davegardner" (without the quotes) to become part of my circle!

So there are a few choices for you here:

1) Check out all three and get involved in all of them and take part in a massive industry

2) Check out all three and take part in some of them and be part of the massive industry

3) Check out all three and do nothing (or do not even check them out, but do not have the pain of regret 6 months to a year from now when you shoulda, coulda, woulda, but didn't!)

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