Top Producer Formula Review

Top Producer Formula Review

Find out more about the Top Producer Formula here:

The Top Producer formula is a 6 hour live webinar event taking place on Saturday August 23, 2014 at 2PM EST. Depending on when you are watching this video, you will either be able to see it and take part in the live event or access the recorded event here:

This 6 hour live event will discuss the ins and outs of being a top sponsor in any company by following a simple set of guidelines.

There is also a 13 module course based on this which goes into depth on the following categories:

1) Sponsoring and selling
2) Beliefs and attitudes
3) Lead capture pages
4) Mechanics and strategy
5) Rapport & Responsiveness & Relationships
6) Generating Highly Targeted Lead
7) Closing and Signing People up on the Phone
8) Upselling & Getting People All In
9) Team Building Formulas
10) Live Internet Event Recruiting Strategy
11) Live Local Event Recruiting Sales Strategy
12) Creating Live Groups
13) Painting a Vision for the Future

Having gone through three of the first four (The Lead capture page module is coming at the end of August 2014) I have already had some aha moments as they say in regards to my own beliefs about my successes thus far and how I want to go about seeking everyday people and not waste time and energy looking for that major industry leader.

This course can be used with any marketing business and also has the option to become and affiliate to earn commissions on the training’s.

Get your Top Producer Formula here!

Full teams are highly recommended to learn things together to be on the same page, thus once you start learning from the course, it is suggested to share your affiliate link with your team so that they can get the same training as you and do what you are doing and not just what you are telling them to do.

One of the worst things you can do for your teams is to tell them to do one thing, but you never act it out yourself or you go ahead and use a totally different method than what you suggest them to do.

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