Traffic Authority Review and Sales Results Commissions Earned

Traffic Authority Review and Sales Results

Traffic Authority Review and Sales Results

Get your traffic by creating your free account and starting at:

In April 2020 I joined Traffic Authority after hearing a lot about them as a reliable traffic source for online businesses and opportunities. You can choose from 7 different traffic packages based on your budget.

My initial Traffic Authority review and sales results are very positive as show in the video.

I become an all in yearly member with access to the three legs of traffic authority that I am able to use for my business as well as earn commissions from when people join me through my link (Yes I am an affiliate and will thus earn a commission if you use my link to join, so thanks for joining me in advance if you like what you see).

Leg #1 TRAFFIC Store

All websites need traffic to their websites and leads to build their list if they want to continue to grow over the years. In my original run of traffic through the first 300+ clicks I have had over 100 opt ins (split between two different pages/programs that I modified after the first 100 clicks to focus on just one of the pages performing better overall).

Of those 300 clicks, I again had 100 opt ins to a generic form and list, of which 52 took the next commitment and created a free trial account in my primary program, the Now Lifestyle using their Amazing Simple capture page on the front end. Of those 52, there were also 2 members who become active paid members so far within the first week of collecting the leads.

Over time I will continue to follow up with the leads with emails from my autoresponder to increased results.

You can go direct to the traffic packages here:

Leg #2 Traffic Optimizer software

I have not started to use the Optimizer though I will be able to set up tracking as well as rotators with my team if I choose to help run co-ops or track my clicks. This also had software included to add timers, pop ups, capture pages and more.

Leg #3 Traffic Academy

With over 90 hours of video training there is a full allotment of marketing education you can receive when you upgrade to this piece of Traffic Authority. I have had connections with a few of the course presenters over the years through Social Media so I look forward to learning what they have to share in the Academy.

The key to any business online is massive action and continuing to move forward even in tough times or when failure occurs. Remember you can always learn something even when you fail or make mistakes.

So far the overall experience I have had with Traffic Authority has been a positive one and one I would recommend to others looking to get high quality traffic and even add another income stream into their business systems.

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