Traffic Co-Op Traffic Secrets

Traffic Co-ops Traffic Secrets

Traffic Co-ops Traffic Secrets

Traffic Co-ops are an easy way to:

  1. Reduce Traffic and advertising costs
  2. Get more eyeballs or clicks on your websites

If you think about buying things in bulk you can usually get a discount on the items.  Think about the cost of buying an individual item versus a dozen or so and you will almost always find that when you buy things in bulk you will save money (assuming you need to have multiple versions of this)

Whether its buying electrical outlets and light bulbs for an addition on your house, buying candy bars for a holiday or buying advertising for your business the idea of buying in bulk usually means it will end up in a discount.

It makes a great deal for both parties involved.  You get more and pay less.  They get more money overall and move product.  It's a win-win scenario.

Online Traffic Co-Ops

If you do any business online with paid traffic you are almost always working to get your cost per click to be reduced while at the same time getting more eyeballs on your website.

This like solo ads, PPC, Facebook advertising, Banner ads/media buys and the like are all methods requiring a cost to get clicks to your site.  What if you could split the cost and save money...

...Or get even more clicks to your site for less money, or even FREE?

Online traffic co-ops can be set up to do all of the above.

Let's say for example your marketing budget per month is just $100 and you find that high quality clicks are $1/click.  You could then only get 100 clicks maximum per month.

Now lets say 1000 clicks cost $750 (the company reduces click cost the more you buy, just like store lower the cost of bulk bought items) so you would be only paying $0.75/click or a 25% savings, assuming you could cover the additional $650 it would cost you above the $100 budget you have.

Too many marketers face that struggle.

But what if you could pool your resources together with 5 or 10 other people.  You thus all chip in anywhere from $75-$150 each to get those 1000 clicks if there were 10 or 5 partners going in on this, respectively.

All spending less and getting the same 100 clicks (if 10 people) or 200 clicks (if 5 people)

Everyone saves and gets a better rate on the clicks...BOOM!

Traffic Co-op link rotator

There are two main ways you can share the 1000 clicks with your partners though mostly it relies on you using a link rotator that can share the link clicks between the parters.

For example if you had 5 people their click numbers would look like the following options

  1. You Clicks #1,6,11,16,21,26
  2. Bob Clicks #2,7, 12, 17, 22, 27
  3. Tom Clicks #3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28
  4. Jan Click #4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29
  5. Steph Clicks #5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

As you can see they keep rotating through the system one after another.  The benefit to this method is each person gets the same amount of traffic together at the same time and starts to see their leads come in with each other.  This also is usually tied into the same traffic source and likely to give the members a similar results in terms of amount of leads and conversions.

An alternate method would look like this:

  1. You Clicks #1-200
  2. Bob Clicks #201-400
  3. Tom Clicks #401-600
  4. Jan Click #601-800
  5. Steph Clicks #801-1000

Personally I do not like this method as only one person at a time is seeing results and if the traffic provider changes their source there might be a lot of changes and discrepancy between clicks seen by the partners participating.  Some might get really great clicks and others might get poor results.

Traffic Co-ops and FREE Traffic

Let's say you change your metrics some in regards to cost per click.  If we use the 10 person model.  Instead of charging each person $75 for getting 100 clicks where you also put in $75 into the total amount needed to pay the provider, you could charge them $90 instead.  Not only will this give you $810 to play around with (an additional $60 which helps you cover fees associated with collecting the money if there is a chance of that happening) which you might be able to communicate with the traffic provider for a pro-rated amount and apply that balance for extra clicks.

So what happens in this case is that you spent $0 of your own money, though you are still part of the 1000 click campaign and this getting 100 FREE Clicks for yourself, which is a win for you.

Your partners who were originally going to have to pay $1/click are now only paying $0.90/click which is a savings for them (and this cost could actually go down if you had more clicks purchased with that balance left over and the fact that many providers often over-deliver clicks so you might get more free clicks that way as well)...which is a win for them.

Keep in mind...your partners may not have ever known what the original or bulk costs of the clicks were that you were purchasing and that you were not even paying a dime into it.

This is huge when it comes to building a team in Network Marketing/MLM  and can work with both people who are in your downline/upline or not even connected to you anyway.

Run Your Own Lead Co-op

Right now you can become a leader in your company by getting set up as the contact point for a lead co-op.  All you need is a link rotator which you can find online.  One of the main link rotator I use which also helps with my analytics and ROI calculations is called ROI Panel.

ROI Panel

With ROI Pannel you can get trackable links to verify you are getting the clicks you are supposed to get and then also set up a rotator that splits/shares the links appropriately between those who are participating in that traffic co-op.

You can establish your Traffic Co-op to take place once a month with an automated billing process where other members could pay you month in and month out to get a consistent flow of traffic, or you could have a co-op just set up to run once in a while when it is convenient for you, 

Word to the wise.  Be sure you have all the money before you purchase the traffic or you might lose out and have to pay more from your own pocket and also do not pay in advance and let someone pay you back later (or after their clicks come in with commissions they earn as there is no way to guarantee they might do that for you!)

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Co-ops are just one of the traffic secrets I have learned since starting my online marketing entrepreneurship back in 2009.  Daegan Smith was the master of this and just one of the many marketers I have followed and invested in over the years.  Right now as of this post, one of our mutual friends and one of my other mentors, Russell Brunson has just released his next book, called Traffic Secrets.

You can get his newest book for just $9.95 (which covers the shipping anywhere in the United States) in hardcover format and I would highly recommend picking up the Audio version as well as the Secrets Boxed set you will see inside the sales page.

Just click the link above or the image below of his book to get access now.  If you want to see more about the bonuses I mentioned in the video above you can check out my recent post here:

Traffic Secrets Bonus


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