Traffic Secrets Bonus Strategies

Traffic Secrets Bonus St Patrick Day Launch Methods

Traffic Secrets Bonus St Patrick Day Launch Methods

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets 13 St Patricks Day Strategies will turn your business upside down!!!

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Russell Brunson is releasing Traffic Secrets on St. Patricks Day March 17, 2020 so in this video I share 13 traffic generation strategies that I have used over the years that are based on the phrase St. Patricks Day

S for Solo Ads
T for Teleseminar or Webinar

P for Ping your blog
A for Article writing
T for Traffic Co-op
R for Reviews of products
I for Instagram posts/ads
C for Commenting on blogs
K for Keeping business cards ready to share out/send people
S for Social Network Engagement

D for Demonstrate the product
A for Ask others to share your content
Y for YouTube videos

Traffic Secrets Bonus

I go into more details with each of these strategies as well as share my bonuses as seen in my recent post here, when you purchase Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets though the link found at the top of this post which include but are not limited to:

1) 10 years of course notes on traffic I have obtained
2) Traffic Generation Club silver access
3) Review of your website/product
4) Vacation stay at one of 50+ places around the world

Those 4 bonuses are for everyone who purchases the Traffic Secrets book for Russell Brunson's free plus shipping offer of just $9.95 USD in the continental USA (higher prices may apply outside the US for shipping)

Note: This is a hard cover edition of the book that will normally cost $25-29.95 in bookstores and you are just covering the shipping cost.

For those who upgrade at least to the Audio version of the book for instant access I am throwing in an additional bonus:

5) A physical copy of my book, "The $2 Dollar Secret" that I will ship anywhere in the world (though out of US will not be trackable)

In the process of this launch, Russell Brunson is holding a contest for the top 10 affiliates and if I make enough sales to break top 10, I will have another amazing bonus for everyone who purchases through my link above which is a copy of the notes/strategies I collect while at the retreat they are going to have.

Remember you do not need to master all of the strategies or implement them all either. You can find a handful that suit your abilities and finances/budget as some require cost while others require time (which is even needed with no budget scenarios)

The key thing is that you will get out of it what you put into it.


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