Turtles, Turds and Crazy Birds

So todays challenge brings about a wacky subject line!

I want you to come up with something that is borderline 
crazy but makes the viewer so compelled to open it or want to keep reading
because they just have to know what it about.

Taken together, all three of these are not really related...

...or are they?

Two of them I noticed on my walk this weekend at the Erie
canal where we counted close to 30 turtles in the 4 mile
walk as they were basking in the sun and enjoying the 
warmth after what has seen to be a never ending winter.

The turds related to the fact that people are just ass holes
(forgive me here) for leaving their dog waste on the trail
for other people to step on instead of cleaning it up.

Then to top that off, some people even have the nerve
to pick up the turd in a plastic bag, but then leave the
bag on the side on the trail for someone else to pick it

This takes it to a whole new level as now it probably can not
even decompose quick and release nutrients back into the
soil, but instead will fester in a bag until someone else come
along and cleans up the mess.

They seriously just assumed someone else should pick up
their dog crap and they could just go along on their merry
way enjoying the day.

Sort of like how some people in business just show up and
think the job will get done just because they showed up and
are in the system or group.

Think again sweetheart!  Everyone needs to do their part
if we want the big family to grow together.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, right!

Find a way to do your role, however big it may be.  Any action
is better than no action, though taking massive action does
get noticed by others in the group.

Send an email and reach out to people...A cool strategy I just heard
the other day basically said that you should reach out to everyone.

While that sounds very old school in terms of marketing, as you 
truly want to reach targeted people...

...The point was made to send a message and just let people know
you are building a business/starting a new program or similar and
that while you know it might not necessarily be a great fit for them,
if they knew anyone who was looking for something like this or could
pass your details forward to a friend looking for similar growth, that you
would be greatly appreciative.

The power of referrals has been going on for years and will continue
to do so.

So your challenge is to get out and contact people...text, email, phone,
social media posts and more (just don't spam their page, though instead
send as a PM) and feel free to use a crazy headline/subject to get them
to open it.

So where does the crazy bird fit in?

The other day I was sitting down for a good 20 minutes or more when
we realized right next to us, in my ladder hanging on the house there
was a series of bird nests being built.

So because it was my patio with tables/chairs and such I removed
the nest before the birds would start to lay the eggs...If you have 
ever had a nest in a garage or near the house, they not only pool
everywhere, but will also dive-bomb and attack you when the baby
birds are there.

Long story short, the bird keeps coming back, and has laid 3 eggs
but this time it was in another section of the ladder where NO nest
had ever even been started being built...One egg was laid a day
three days in a row.

Beyond crazy!

Or perhaps really determined to succeed!

Now you would think that she would just go into the woods or find a place that
might be a little more hiden to protect the young, but that just did not happen
in this case.

Sometime you have to follow a "whatever it takes" attitude into things
and I am feeling that is where that birds mindset is at this point.

You get knocked down...get back up again.  There is not much else to it as if
you decide to stay down, your business and growth is dead.

If the bird can do this...So can you!

Let's do this!

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