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When I first started using Twitter, I was little a little lost bird tweeting whatever I could, but not really focusing on the program itself and how I could use it to my advantage.  Figuring out who could get a “direct message” (DM) or figuring out who had given me an “at mention” ( @BarefootPaintin for example) was the last thing I was concerned with.  What bothered me though was the rapid pace of the timeline of everyones posts.  If I tweeted a little, then logged out for a couple days, I would have no idea when someone mentioned me in one of their posts as it was buried into the depths of the twitter nest.  I wondered how I was supposed to develop relationships with followers if I never got back to them.  Not that I was intentionally ignoring them, but due to a little ignorance perhaps on the part of the program, I was not doing my part to develop the necessary bond with others to start being successful.

I had heard about programs like Hootsuite and TweetDeck, but never took the time to check them out in order to maximizing my Twitter experience.  What finally got me going was Mike Filasaime.  I have invested in many of Mike’s programs and trust his work.  His new program TweetGlide was recently released and one day while I was home with a sick child (gotta love the swine flu outbrake) I decided to give it a try and see what  the fuss was all about with these programs.  After installing the ap I was able to get right into my account and instantly saw four columns  containing tweets from the following:

1) My followers/those I was following

2) Sponsored tweets: which allow you to earn points for ads, should you choose to post them and have them be read by other TweetGlide users.

3) Direct Messages

4) @Mentions: This column itself made my day as all of a sudden I realized I had a small group of people who had mentioned me in their posts.  Wow, was this an eye opener….and you can bet I instantly responded back to them once I knew this was happening.  To this day I still haven’t seen how to figure this out on the actual Twitter page myself, but why would I need to now with it being so plain and simple with this new program.

I later was able to add a column for a group I am in and can easliy access their comments and postings instantly instead of having to use a site like  This might be similar to the group function in the regular program.  If you do not twitter a lot, adding the facebook link as well might maximize your time in lieu of having to log into and update your status over many different programs.  I would suggest not doing this if you send out a “Flock” of tweets each day.  Facebook does not always take nice to those who send out massive updates.

Another benefit is that the program easily allows you to retweet posts, or direct message people, with one simple click on their picture.  You can also look up their profile and follow (or unfollow) them with one click too.

I have now been using TweetGlide for a couple weeks.  It already has had some updates for the better which have made this sytem enjoyable to use for me.  If you are experiencing some of the same issues I had mentioned above, and have yet to add one of these applications onto your computer, you might want to check it out today to save time so you can spend more instead with your loved ones and families.

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  • March 28, 2010

    Thanks for the honest post there David. I appreciate it. I have not checked out that program yet, but it sounds pretty simple to use. I like that you point out what it was doing for you.

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