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Vamp Up Your Office With These Branded Items

Vamp Up Your Office With These Branded Items

Building the perfect office space for yourself and your workers is always a challenge, but can be a fun project for you as a new business owner. Decorating your workspace can take a little time, and if you really want to make your business shine, you need to invest in the branding as well as the color within your building. 

Gone are the days where a clinical blue wall and grey carpet sufficed, and these days companies are taking more time to build a workspace that feels more like an inspiring home away from home. So, today, we want to talk about some of the ways you can bring branding into your office in a fun way, to brighten up the space and bring color to your world. 

A neon sign 

A neon sign is always a winner when it comes to your office, and hanging one of these in the foyer of your building will announce to your employees and visitors where they are. The great thing is you can find companies all over the place that create custom neon signs for your office, and you’ll be able to get your neon sign made in your own brand color's. This can be such a fun way to welcome people into your office, and you can even go further and make extra ones to hang around the office for fun! 

3D printed letters 

3D printing companies such as can offer lots of fun designs for your office - and one great idea is to make some standing 3D letters spelling out your brand name. These can be put on display in the middle of your kitchen, in your office space, or even in your boardroom and can add some real fun as well as an air of professionalism to the office. 

Fun artwork 

Artwork is something every office should invest in because there is nothing worse for an employee than staring at blank walls all day long. As a business owner, you will want to create an inspiring space and one of the ways to do this is to hang artwork that is in your brand colors, is relevant to your brand, and quotes that you think will inspire. There are some fun ways to build an art gallery wall in your office with different pieces and this will soon become a beloved part of your office to the employees who work for you. 

Branded mugs 

Mugs are one of the most common branded products you can buy, and if you want some easy advertising for your business this is a great step to take. Order mugs in bulk and fill your kitchen cupboards with them, leaving no need for people to bring their own mugs to the office at all! 

There are so many amazing ways to bring your business brand into the interior design of your office. Whether you decide to paint the walls fun colors, have a colored seating area, or follow the above - make your office your own this year.  


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