Vick Strizheus Banned from Empower Network

Regardless of what you read about, watch in a video clip or hear someone say, the only one who really knows what is going on with Vick Strizheus, is of course Vick Strizheus and his wife and possibly attorneys.

The recent blow up in social media about the number one affiliate and income earner in ANY industry related to MLM leaving or being banned from Empower Network has caused quite a bit of controversy with people trying to jump on Vick and get people to shift over the THEIR teams.

I can be partial here to an extent as I am not a member of Big Idea Mastermind, nor was I one of the people sponsored by Vick Strizheus.

What I do know is this.  Vick has provided some of the best traffic generation techniques and strategies I have seen and studied in my 5 years marketing online building my business part time.

The Internet Traffic Formula course as well as bonus software and traffic agency groups suggested to us were things I have not used in the past to the extent I am starting to use them now and have resulted in gains in my list size already.

It has been shared by Vick Strizheus in his letter this morning seen here, that he never said we was walking away from Empower Network and will also continue to deliver top notch content from the Internet Traffic Formula course (which is a product being sold by some of the same Empower Network affiliates, making thousands of dollars off of it, that jumped down Vicks throat last night)

See Vick Strizheus’s explanation and transparent description of the events leading to all the hype:

After reading, of course you need to come to the personal realization that is has nothing to do with Vick Strizheus in regards to whether you or I for that matter are successful using the trainings and tools provided in the Empower Network suite of programs.

As I always say to my students and players (I coach a couple varsity sports) that it really is not about the coach, but what they do in that “You get out of it what you put into it”

I still think Vick Strizheus is a marketing genius and look forward to continuing the Internet Traffic Formula course and I also think that Empower Network is a great business plan and opportunity to learn how to build a marketing business online and reach for your goals of economic independence.

I welcome all to come and test out the Empower Network here and start training to grow their business as well and see for yourself the power of the trainings, family and tools we have here.

Dave Gardner

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