Video For Idiots

Did you see this yet>>


Marketing lesson for the day.  Sometimes it

is good to take action and move forward to

get it going…though sometimes it might kick

you in the rear.


The good thing though is that I did include an

alternate link and explanation in case the first

attempt did not work.


Sometimes when you purchase a domain and

try to forward it (Which is where you fill in a

website that you want your domain to go to

instead when someone clicks on it) there is

a lag of potentially up to 48 hours for it to



Usually it happens within minutes or a couple

hours.  I am not sure if I had not filled it in

correctly on GoDaddy or what, but it finally



The question is why would I want to do this?


The answer for me really lies in appearance.


I showed you the other link as well which goes

to the same page and uses the WordPress

Pretty Link Lite plugin to make my affiliate

link look more appealing.


Who wants to look at a long series of letters

and numbers to click on.


Who wants to easily have their code changed

so that someone else get credt…or no one at



Not only does this look more appealing, but in

my case I was able to grab a domain name that

is related to a hugely popular series of books and

videos for “idiots” (not that we really think you

are idiots, but I hope you get the deal)


The other reason is it is a hell of a lot easier for

me to verbally tell someone or mention it in a

video and people WILL remember something

like “Video For Idiots dot com”


Another reason for having an easy to remember

domain and one related to the product you are

promoting is that you can leave it forwarded

to the product or even make your own review

website of the product with YOUR OWN OPT-IN

BOX on the page, which builds your list and then

re-directs to the product.


One note on this last reason though is that

people might be curious why they are opting

in to one page, being redirected to another

and then being asked to opt in again…Somewhat

redundant they might think.


Providing a short video in regards to the tips they

will be receiving from you in your in box instantly

as well as your partnership with the product author

will help them understand where they are going.


If you are using the product yourself and can show

a demo in the video of how it has benefitted you

and your clients, this is like gold and they won’t

be able to get to the next screen fast enough.


Well, enough  about forwarding domains for now.


As I just picked this one up, I am not sure what

I will do about it…Maybe I could even flip it for

a pretty penny because it has such a great ring

to it.


In the mean time…be sure you go check out the

video yourself now, to see how this can help.


To building and making things easier!

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