Viduber video hosting price points

Viduber ad free video hosting overview

Viduber ad free video hosting overview

Why put videos up on your website, blog or even sales pages that have ads running on them or recommended videos of competitors when you can be in complete control

What is Viduber

Viduber is a new web based software set to be competitive with the likes of Vimeo and Wistia, though have a much better fee schedule. 

Currently you can begin and test it out for just $1 here:

Monthly and Yearly/annual options exist for the subscription and hosting fees and as of the time of this blog post there is an option for lifetime video hosting (though that can be pulled at any moment)

The Viduber platform allows you to create live video, screen capture, upload already created videos or record audio which can then be embedded on your own personal website, blogs, sales pages and more.  You can also share links to social media or through email/messenger etc.

Viduber Affiliate Program

The affiliate program on the back end (all customers automatically become affiliates and can earn up 35% commissions on front tier sales and 25% matching check bonuses)

I have been personally been working with the CEO and team of Viduber as their master trainer and created all of the training videos that are inside of the members area so feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have about the software or platform.

NOTE: The video below is hosted with YT to show just that thing in terms of potential ads/recommended videos and how that can be a distraction to your viewers.  YT is amazing and is good for building a brand especially as it is one of the biggest search engines in the world.

Try it out now for just $1 here: or click on the banner below the video

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