LiveGood Firestarter Friday Training October 6 2023

Vitamins aren’t sexy

Vitamins aren’t sexy


They don't call it Firestarter Friday for nothing!

Yesterdays training was FIRE!

I just watched the replay and cracked up some when one of the trainers said how:

"Vitamins aren't sexy...Saving Money is Sexy!"

Catch the replay here:

Come see how energized and passionate the leadership is here in yesterday's training and maybe you too will see the vision that I see!

The company this refers to, LiveGood, just passed 750,000 Members globally and continues to amaze me with it's growth.

When you are provided with an opportunity to save money…

…it just makes sense!!

With the LiveGood membership you are saving up to 80% compared to what some other companies are charging for their products.

People around the world are jumping in because it’s a no brainer and a win win situation.

FYI this is available in almost all countries around the world AND you can even refer others from any part of the country, or even your own neighborhood!

Come Find out What it Sexy and Other Awesome Training!

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