Wrist Straps and Wraps for weight lifting

Weight lifting straps

Weight Lifting Straps

While the whole 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon has swept the world the past few years, it make sense sometimes to put the straps on...Well at least at the gym that is.

When workout out some major muscle groups like the back, the exercises will often require a grip with your hands which can often fail before the target muscle reaches failure.  This results in less progress in your strength if you are truly looking to see growth over time from the tear and repair process that happen with lifting.

Weight lifting straps can alleviate this issue and can be see in the image and video above.  Exercises like close grip lat pull down (as well as wide grip lat pull down) seated back row, shrugs and similar activities that require pulling can benefit from the additional support provided by the wrist wraps.

Exercises like bench are more of a pushing motion and the grip is not as needed (though still important of course)

Wrist Strap marks

Originally I had picked up a pair of weight lifting wrist straps from a store called Five Below, though for $5 they were not great quality and always seemed to leave marks and dig in to your wrists.  While my girlfriend had really nice pink ones, I got basic black and she hated when she forgot hers at home and had to borrow mine as they really left marks on her arms.

Just check out the picture here to the left to see what I am referring to...One time it actually seemed to break the skin somewhat!  The things we do to get stronger.

You see, her pair have some padding in them and make them much more comfortable to use when you have having a lot of weight and stress applied to it.  The tighter you wrap the straps around the bars, the more support you have, though this can also results in the strap digging into your wrist a little more as well.

After using the pair I had for a while, I was wanting to get something with a little better quality involved (yeah I'll admit there were a few times I rocked her pink pair, though I was ready for a nicer pair for myself with some different colors).

That is where I found my set from a company called BeAktive when I was searching on Amazon.  Not only did I get the wrist straps, though I also received a pair of wrist wraps as well in a combined package for under $15.

Get your own BeAktive Wrist Straps on Ebay! for under $12 and FREE SHIPPING to be ready for your next back workout.  They also shipped it super fast.  I ordered it late on a Friday night and it was delivered on a Sunday afternoon so it worked out as I was scheduled to do the close grip lat pull down and seated back row on Monday.

Now Body Fitness 7 Minute Workout

The video above showcases the Now Body Fitness 7 Minute workout.  This program created by Joel Therien focuses on muscle failure with a lot of rest in between working out a particular muscle group.

For example, in this video we were completing a back and biceps day.  This would be followed by a day off, then it would be shoulders/forearms.  Another day off, then a day of hamstrings and calves.  Day off, followed by Chest and triceps, then finally after another day off we round out the cycle with a quads day (and a final rest day)

Total cycle time is 10 days between doing any major muscle group.

This gives ample time for recover, repair and regrow before the next failure workout.  This is where it truly is ok to fail as stimulated muscles and growth results in increases in strength over time, even as soon as your next cycle.

From my perspective, I have seen some amazing gains in this.  When we first started I was doing about 150 lbs on the seated back row and just tonight failed at 230lbs to give you an example of how this system has helped me out thus far.

Instead of spending hours at a gym, or hitting every muscle group, every other day and dreading going to the gym...I enjoy doing it now as the workouts are quick and we feel as though we are in and out before we even know it.

You can try out the Now Body 7 Minute workout for free at http://7MinuteHealth.com

The Now Lifestyle Now Body Workout

When we get together for conferences we actually do things to stay fit and active.  As you can see in this gallery from our NE Regional event, a few of the leaders got together with Joel Therien to get in a workout.

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