Happy Labor Day weekend!  If you are in the US at least!

For me it means I have to go back to work…

In addition to marketing online, I am also a full time HS Science teacher and coach both Varsity Bowling and JV Lacrosse!

What do you think about Labor?

Perhaps if it is manual labor, you are looking for something esle to help you out from the back breaking work you do everyday?

I worked demo and construction when I was in college and boy did it ever make me study hard so I would not have to do that type of work for my entire life.

Perhaps if it relates to a mother going into labor and the joy of bringing new life into the world, you want to be able to have the type of life and secutiry that leads you to be able to stay home full time and raise your children.

In addition to teaching and coaching, I of course have continued to evolve in my quest to also be able to keep my wife home to raise our children as this is her dream.

I am not quite there yet, but we are getting close as I continue to take action and work “on” my business and not just “in” the business and see results, like winning a trip to Kenya and building a subsriber list along the way.

For example, you need to make sure you have the proper tools to get your business headed in the right directions just like I needed the right tools to dig out the hole for the elevator shaft I helped to prepare back during the summer before my senior year in college.

Having the right tools helps you to brand yourself as well, especially with getting your own website or blog up and running today!

I have been using the right tools for over three years now to host my sites and blogs, which is something that everyone in the marekting industry needs.



Video conferencing

Video hosting

Live training

Live support

All for less than 10 bucks USD a month….where you could be spending a hundred or more with other places combined, GVO puts them all together!


I also put together a report to help you get started. It has step by step written instructions and associated videos that help you get started quickly.


This is a NO-opt in guide to quickly open

GVO Host Then Profit

GVO Host Then Profit


You could have your website/blog up and running by the end of the Labor day weekend and on your way to changing how you view labor!

Let me know how I can help you get set up or to answer any questions you might have!

To Laboring how you like it!

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