What is Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is where you are able to draw people to you and your sites/products/social media based on content that you share and provide online that resonates with a select group of people who want what you have to offer.

Whether it is through social media, blogging, videos or similar, when you create the right content and provide a way for people to find it, though tags, descriptions or keywords, then you have placed yourself at a position of authority above other who have not placed any content online.

When people continue to see your content and gain experience from you as well as learn to know you over time they will continue to come back and seek out more from you, including products they can purchase or a team they can join that you belong to.

This can be similar to be hunted instead of the hunter.

Many old school marketing strategies called for creating a list of 100 or your closest friends and then going after them to try and sell them things and this often just results in negative responses and perhaps some hostility in the relationship.

When you have content online that provides an answer to something that people are searching for, they will keep coming back to you, perhaps subscribe and reach out to you through comments or private messages if what you share strikes a chord with what they are looking to solve.

By putting yourself and your content out there you are attracting people to you compared to having to go reach out to every one.

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