What is Reliable Reach and What’s in it for me to use Reliable Reach from GVO

What is Reliable Reach and What’s in it for me to use Reliable Reach from GVO

Do you listen to Wii FM?

Wii FM: What's In it for me

What’s In it for me

The real question though is whether you
know what Wii FM stands for?

“What’s in it For ME?”

That is what people really want to know
when they come into your business as
well as how is your product going to
help them get to where they want to be.

I know I promised some updates with the
upcoming launch of Reliable Reach from
my friends at GVO.

As they were making some changes and
testing to make sure that they will be ready
for the launch, they pushed things back
a couple weeks, though I just got an email
from their CEO the other day.

I should have some awesome news this week
but wanted to share my thoughts on really
“What’s in it For YOU!”

1) A kick ass email autoresponder so that you
can do exactly what I am doing here in sending
you communications/trainings/support and more

2) a Super low price point of just $10 a month
for potentially up to 5,000 subscribers (*note
this is based on some insider info I got though
they might have tweaked this number)

3) The ability to resell the same tools to your
followers and fellow local businesses and earn up to
300% commissions…yeah, Joel did say 300%
commissions and I will have more details on that
as well.

Reason number 1 above should alone be enough
reason to take a closer look next week when
it come to life.

In any business…regardless of what you are
promoting, you have to have a list to send your
content, training and offers to.  Having the right
tools is your number 1 priority.

Having a super low price point as in #2 above
is killer because it makes it affordable for
nearly EVERYONE.

Finally being able to earn up to 300% commissions
is the icing on the cake for sure…or the gravy on
your mashed potatos if you are not a cake fan.

Here is a little hint: You can get first dibs on this
and even more tools like a hosted blog, webinar
platform, weekly training, video email and more
for an additional $15 a month and your email
limit moves up to 10,000 subscribers.

Come see for yourself now and get on the list to
know exactly when it all goes down!


My goal is to make this benefit you as much as

If I can use this to sell lacrosse books and sticks
you can surely use it to sell whatever it is that
you are passionate about!

Come join us and start benefiting yourself now!

Why wait until next week when you can take
action TODAY?

If you come in this weekend AND upgrade
to the reseller position here:


I am going to hook you up with these bonuses

1) a full hour phone call (in the USA only) or
skype/webinar call with you to get you up
and running with the tools and system.

2) Text message and coaching support

3) Inclusion into my own affilliate rotator
where YOUR link gets some clicks and not
just mine so you can get the lead and not
me…Again, you need to be a reseller for
this to work!

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