What is the NowLifestyle by Joel Therien

What is the NowLifestyle by Joel Therien

Could there be a new Billion dollar health company in the next few years?

If Joel Therien has his visions come true, it very well will be.

How do I fit in?

So in the next couple days I am going to be going
all in with the “Now Lifestyle” which is a new launch
coming out from the people who run the tools I use to run
my websites and email automation tools with.

GVO/Pure Leverage etc.

The CEO, Joel Therien has been a weight lifter for over
30 years and in addition to running a massively succesful
technology company has also just about put the finishing
touches on his latest project.

Now Lifestyle

Its all about health (and wealth in the process as you
can become a reseller of the product as well).

Their motto:  “Live Love Laugh”

Right now we are in the team building phase (don’t worry
as I do not even have a link to share with you here today)

All I want from you if you want to find out more is to
just respond to this post with an email and add a message that
you want to find out more and I’ll be sure to contact you separately
when I have the final details…Hopefully in the next few days.

Just email me at “DaveGardner[at]TheDavidGardner{dot}com

2017 is going to be fun and it would be much better with
teammates who want to make their lives change in 2017.

Let me know you want to know more and I’ll be in touch.

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