Success on your first day at the Job.

What You Should Do To Guarantee A Good First Day On The Job

What You Should Do To Guarantee A Good First Day On The Job

First day on the job is the most intimidating day of your whole career. Even for people who have been working for 20+ years, or feel excited to try something new, that first day is the make or break. And the more you want to make a good impression, the more it feels like you dip the other way. 

Clumsy mistakes, missed opportunities, and a lack of workplace support - that’s the worst case first day scenario we all fear! But now’s the time to break the fear; if you want to guarantee a good first day on the job, you’ll want to keep the tips below in mind at all times. 

Sleep Well!

First day tomorrow? Go to bed early tonight. The longer you’re in bed, the better your chance of getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever you planned to do the night before, cancel it so you can hit the hay. If you sleep well, you’re going to be rested and refreshed for a full day of work, no matter how anxious you are right now. With a clear head, you’ll have a better chance of thinking on your feet and getting the job done right. 

Read the Welcome Pack Cover to Cover

If you’ve been handed one for your new job, make sure you’ve read it religiously. A welcome pack is your best friend before you get started on site, and it’s the first thing to refer to when you’re unsure about something. If you're working in an office, the welcome pack is likely to include a breakdown of your duties, as well as information on the best places to have lunch nearby. Similarly, someone taking on a trucking job would likely find information about the best trucker accessories to have in the cab. Seriously, a welcome pack can answer all questions, so be sure to use it! 

Make Time for Greetings

You want to meet your co-workers early on, and make a good first impression on them. These are going to be the people you collaborate with, and eat in the break room with. The better you know them, the easier it’s going to be to create a productive and friendly atmosphere. Plus, the less lonely you feel at work, the better you’ll find the job as a whole. A bad workplace experience often depends on the social aspect. If you want to avoid this, smile and shake hands. 

Show Up with a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude just can’t be replaced in the workplace. The more outwardly willing you are, the more you’re going to get along with the job at hand. The boss will like your attitude, your co-workers will understand that you’ve brought initiative and knowhow with you, and you’re much more likely to impress clients too. 

If you want a good first day on the job, don’t forget about these fundamentals. Be positive, have a chat with your colleagues, and get to know the job before you do it! 

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