Why are you doing what you are doing?

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Why are you doing what you are doing?


Why are you doing what you are doing?

Like why are you actually reading this post today...are you looking for the magic software or pill will solve all of your problems?

Or are you looking to be part of something bigger than yourself?

While success is nice for yourself, imagine if you could help thousands (or even millions) of others achieve it as well.

Guess what?

You surely can when you take action and serve first, compared to asking for me first.

I am not saying you have to go off to some developing country and give your time (though I actually did that back 1998-2000 as a Peace Corps Volunteer...yep that is me on the right fishing in the Solomon Islands in 1999)

Solomon Islands reef Fishing in Peace Corps

I am saying the more people you help out in achieving what they want, the more likely success will come your way.

It could be either wealth, health or relationships...everything pretty much falls under those categories...that you help people in and want to see success in as well.

Obviously it will take some education along the way so being a lifelong learner is crucial, then the more important part is sharing what you have learned with others instead of keeping it to yourself like it's some precious ring with magical powers.

As a teacher and lead trainers in the primary company I work with, this is my main focus...I learn things and then I teach others about them as well to help them become more well rounded members of society, better students/players and successes in their business.

I also share the tools and software or platforms that I feel will help speed up the process for them and allow others to gain access around the world.

Today I will share like I have in the past some of my top recommendations and full disclaimer that if you purchase anything from these companies I will earn a commission and you could potentially as well if you became a reseller or distributor:


List Leverage: This multiple streams of income platform will connect the tools, training AND traffic you need to build your business online.  From list building to engaging with your leads List Leverage has been a continued success in helping people build their businesses.  LL is comprised of the main training AND the following pieces for tools and traffic

List Leverage Marketing

Send Shark Email Autoresponder: List building AND engaging with your list is crucial for continued growth in business and this service which is the email autoresponder inside the Now Lifestyle marketing platform will automate your business and comes with an email series provided by the leaders of LL

NOTE: I am the master trainer for this company and have over 100 videos in the members area showing you how to use each tool in growing your list and business

Send Shark Email Autoresponder and Page Builder

Traffic Authority: You need traffic and eyes on your websites and offers and this is some of the highest quality traffic on the internet.  Not only do they provide traffic, they also have tracking software, page builders, marketing training and more for upgraded options of membership.

Traffic Secrets Trilogy: Russell Brunson has put together some of the best traffic and business building strategies that I have been following and implementing for about a decade.  This does NOT provide you with traffic though gives you some of the best training on how to get traffic both organically and through paid traffic techniques AND how to grow that traffic to become raving fans.

Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunaon

I had the pleasure of going as a guest of Russell's back in 2012 as I won his Dot Com Secrets X course where he took me to Kenya to help build schools with World Teacher Aid, now called Village Impact.  This is what I am talking about when it comes to WHY and being part of something bigger than yourself  It's all about giving back when you can and helping to bring others up.

He is the founder of Click Funnels and gives a portion of every membership to the cause of building new schools to help others.

Russell Brunson and Dave Gardner in Kenya

Russell Brunson and Dave Gardner in Kenya


Now Body Fitness:  From short duration workouts to training on macronutrients like protein and fiber, this has helped my 46 year old body get and stay in shape.  Right now you can gain LIFETIME access for less than $100 for access to live webinars, training videos, fitness/workout tracker, meal planner and tracker, recipes and much more.

When it comes to getting in a workout most people lead busy lives and this makes things quicker and easier and after not working out for years I enjoy the short workouts.

Now Body fitness lifetime membership special offer

LipoXPlus: Dietary supplement for weight management.  Fiber is a crucial thing needed by the body to bulk form and keep our intestines working well, pulling out cholesterol, suppressing appetite and more.  Most people are fiber deficient and live in a world of highs and lows of blood sugar and LipoXPlus can help alleviate some of these issues.

LipoXPlus Weight loss and intestinal Health

I could go on and on about other things I recommend though these are some of the main ones I am using daily and focusing on...and have for the last couple years.

One more I will add here is more on the digital cryptocurrency end.


Pi Mining on your smartphone: It's actually FREE and will not cost you anything.  Think about bitcoin for a moment.  Years ago it was not worth anything and a community of people mined it to create it and make it available to trade.  The same is happening with the Pi coin and right now you can mine it on your phone for nothing...just a few clicks a day on your phone and you are able to start mining coins.

Yes you need a smart phone and must connect with me as well in your circle as they want a legit community of people who want something to grow appropriately.  When you download the app and join be sure to use the referral code of "davegardner" when you activate to lock in the security circle with me.

Free Pi coin digital coin mining on your phoneCoinbase: If you are going to also purchase or want to purchase other crypto or digital currencies, you can get free coins with Coinbase which is one of the biggest digital currency exchanges in the world.  Not only can you get free crpto after your first $100 investment though you can also watch short videos to learn about certain coins and tokens and how they integrate into the blockchain and earn them as well.  NOTE I am not a tax accountant so be sure to research capital gains with cryptocurrency if your country requires you to pay taxes on them etc.

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