LiveGood Spreads Worldwide

Why LiveGood?

Why LiveGood?

Take a chance on LiveGood!

Let's think about the developing world...which truly makes up a huge portion of the world population.

Most of them are living in poverty and looking for a way out...a better way...and to live the dreams they see in magazines and on TV.

TRUST ME...I Saw this FIRST hand when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the South Pacific and also when I lived in Belize before that.

They might make in a month what some of us make in a day, or even hours in the US!

Most people in many developing nations around the world can't afford the $100-600 or more start up kits let alone be able to sustain that month after month with a recurring auto-ship requirement that is often the case when it comes to joining a network marketing, direct sales or multi-level marketing company, especially when it is based out of the United States.

Some companies might not even be available worldwide or might not ship products to certain countries, thus not even given those people a chance to participate.

In some cases it is only a credit card that is viable as a payment option to join while many do not have that available to them.

Heck even in our own coutry we have people living in similar conditions and wanting similar dreams of breaking the cycle and having a chance at success without having to go deeper in debt.

That's where LiveGood comes in.

LiveGood Spreads Worldwide

LiveGood is that opportunity!

  • Just a ONE Time $40 registration Fee, then just $9.95/Month membership (or those who can, have the option of the yearly $99 membership to save $20)
  • There is no start up kit requirement or auto-ship locking you into a large bill and product supply every month...Just purchase products when you want (and people are already doing this worldwide as some have sold out and are back in stock again due to explosive growth!)
  • Products are priced much lower than typical industry based companies at $10-$30/bottle for members and $20-$40/bottle for retail/customers/non-members (I have personally paid $120 or more for just two bottles of vitamins in a previous company!)
  • Many products are USDA certified organic and non GMO and currently 15 exist from plant based protein, to Vitamin D, Super Greens, Coffee and many more with Collagen next and more in the pipeline
  • You can join with either a credit card or pre-paid MC/Visa as well as almost 20 varieties of crypto currency (which people from many developing countries have expanded to using over credit cards)
  • A distribution center has opened in Germany to lower shipping costs overseas and speed up shipping time. Africa is also in the process of having this happen as well!
  • Commissions can be earned 6 different ways (one of which can happen even if you never sponsored another member over time)

Six Ways to Earn Commissions with LiveGood

  1. Retail commissions: Earn 50% of the difference between the retail and wholesale cost of any items you sell to retail customers. You also earn a percentage of the sales of every person you refer who also has retail sales
  2. Influencer bonuses: Earn as much as 100% of the difference for those selling large volumes monthly
  3.  Fast Start commission: Earn 50% of the $40 registration fee (or $20) on every person you personally sponsor AND 50% of their first months $9.95 fee (or $5) for a total of $25. You also earn a percentage of both the $40 and $9.95 that each of your personally sponsored people earn when they sponsor others down many levels
  4. Matrix Bonus: Earn $0.25/person/month starting on the second month that a person is in the matrix. Having 4 people in your matrix earns you $1.00, 40 people is $10, 400 people is $100 and 4000 people is $1000 even if you never sponsored any of them up to just over $2K maximum for those who are unranked and up to over $16K for Diamond members
  5. Matching bonus checks: You earn a 50% match on anyone you personally sponsor with what they earn in option #4 above, thus if they have 200 people in their matrix and earn $50, then you earn $25 as well.
  6. Diamond Pool bonus: Members who achieve the rank of Diamond split a share of 2% of what the company sales are each and every month

As of this post there are 220,000 members who have joined LiveGood worldwide and only 30,000 of them are from the United States.

LiveGood is rapidly expanding in places like India, Philippines and many other developing countries where a $9.95/month membership and low priced products are obtainable for a greater percentage of the population and thus teams are able to be built fast.

LiveGood is one of the fastest growing MLM/business models in the world, having added 100,000 members in their first 90 days and then an additional 100,000 members within the next 30 days.  Some days as many as 7,000 members are upgrading to paid status to join LiveGood from around the world.

Just like any business it will take work and effort in order to grow your own team should you decide to join. While there is the potential for spillover in the matrix or possibly someone under you joining and growing a massive team, it should be considered a bonus luxury to have spillover and you would be best to come in with the understanding that you get out of it what you put into it.

Just do not have the regret of not joining now (or at least not taking a deeper look) when you see the continued growth that LiveGood has over time so do yourself a favor and click the big ORANGE Button below to take the tour to learn more...or the big one above to see the many videos I have created about LiveGood products, compensation plan and more.

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