Why you continue to fail by Daegan Smith

Today’s Blog is brought to you by my mentor Daegan Smith…who has brought

focus into my business and helped me set up the correct means to grow with

the guidance he has provided through his Maximum Leverage Inner Circle

membership, one on one phone strategy sessions, Facebook group and more.


Maximum Leverage by Daegan Smith

“If there’s one thing that changed my life and the life of my top students
more than anything else it’s …

Fully committing.

No way out nor the desire for one.

“I’m going to win or die trying. I’m in
for life.”

Once your mind begins to work that
way …

It’s only a matter of time.

Stress melts away.

Joy springs forth.

You start to resonate at a level that
others are extremely attracted to
because …

Now your heart knows no fear and “they” who see this in you. They feel this from
you, and …

Desperately wish to obtain this fearless
nature themselves through you.

You, for the first time, know what true
happiness feels like.

You let go of strangle hold of the
attachments of common society.

And because of this …

You become more aware.

Things you would have passed up as grey
and mundane you now SEE clearly as the
vibrant and powerful opportunities they
truly are.

You begin to live differently.

You quit caring what “they” think.

You do whatever it takes to get what you
need to move forward.

You, for the first time, truly become

You see the value of taking up
mentorship not as a question of …

“Is it a risk worth taking?”

To the reality of …

“I need to find a way to make this work.
This is right. I can feel it in my
bones. This opportunity may never come
again. I need to find a way to make this
work. I deserve it.”

Which side of this “secret” does your
minds eye lean towards?

Full commitment or not?

Only you can truly know, but this we can
agree on …

One side leads to change the other

If you’re mind’s eye leans towards the
side of change.

Mentorship awaits …


To the top,


P.S. If you’re not fully committed then
there’s an element of fear holding you

The only way to move past this wall is
to break through it by making choices
towards your goals in spite of fear.


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