AI for your business

Why Your Company Needs AI

Why Your Company Needs AI

For any business, being customer-centric is a key component to its success. Building your business model around making sure the customer is happy is seen as a good measure of success. 

Customer service can be an all-consuming experience, especially for a new business starting out or solopreneurs who don't have the assistance to be on top of customer demands, queries, sales and marketing all at once.

AI integrations and automated customer service may sound impersonal and ineffective; however, many businesses around the globe are adopting the use of AI into their customer service deliverables, and the successes are far outweighing the cons when used in the right context.

For example, let's look at your funnel. Do you personally need to be present at the start of the customer's experience with you? If not, and your skills will be better utilised after customer retention and add on sales, then automating your funnel and engaging the client pre checkout can free up your skills to utilise your time where it is more effective. And in many cases, the customer will be unaware of any difference unless they engage with queries that need responses.

Choosing AI and Automation for Your Customer Service

AI applications can be used in many different forms to support your existing customer service framework. From dealing with non-specific queries via a chatbot that can be programmed with differing responses to sales team efficiency to allow for a more comprehensive customer experience without your team being backed up with troubleshooting queries or engaging directly with potential customers.

The beauty of AI is that chatbots can be set up to engage in meaningful dialogue and engagement with potential customers, utilized to respond to queries and a set of instructions such as gathering detail to locate a customer account, directing the right query to the right call handler and even resolving FAQs without having to direct to a member of staff needlessly.

Not only does this service drastically improve the customer service experience and result in high levels of customer satisfaction due to the speed of service, using the appropriate automation service to enhance the customer experience can help you to boost productivity as both you and your team are free to focus on doing what is important in the business without constantly fielding enquiries or resolving issues. 

When you put the focus on AI as a supporting role, not the whole customer service package, you can enhance what you offer and tailor your service and your performance based on deliverables from automation such as data analysis and collection, allowing a more self-service experience for the customer by automated suggestions and processes, a faster response time and a streamlined process.

With nearly 1 in four sales teams using AI and 44% of organizations reporting benefits to add this technology to their customer service focused practices, there is no denying that AI is here to stay. The only thing you should be considering when looking at adding AI to your company is how best to utilize its potential in the right way.

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