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Why Your Website Is Attracting Lots Of Visitors But No Leads

Why Your Website Is Attracting Lots Of Visitors - But No Leads!

A high amount of website traffic might seem like a good thing on the surface. But what if none of these visitors are converting into customers? Unless your website only exists for informational purposes, generating leads is essential.

There are several reasons as to why you may be getting visitors but no leads. Here are just some of the possible reasons – and what you can do to solve these issues.

Your website ranks high – but for the wrong search terms

High search engines rankings can help to attract visitors to your site. However, it’s possible that you could be ranking high for search terms that aren’t relevant to your business or aren’t particularly positive. Perhaps you sell wine glasses – but because you rank highly for ‘buy pair of glasses’ you could be getting visitors looking for spectacles. These visitors aren’t likely to buy anything from your site, because it’s not what they were looking for.

This can be fixed by investing in SEO so that you’re targeting the right search terms. An SEO company will be able to help you with this. Good SEO practices will ensure that only relevant visitors are visiting your site (if you use Google Ads, you may also want to look into fine-tuning your keywords for campaigns so that these ads aren’t showing up for the wrong search terms).

The loading speed for your website is slow

If your website takes ages to load, you could find that most of your visitors leave before they’ve even had a chance to look at your product/service. You could be getting lots of visitors – but they may not be staying around for long.

A slow loading speed can be the result of many factors. A few common for a slow website include:

  •         A slow hosting server (migrating server could solve this)
  •         Too many high-quality images (optimizing images should help)
  •         Too many flashy animations/videos (consider disabling reconsider auto-playing videos)
  •         Bulky code (common on WordPress-based sites with lots of plug-ins – upgrading to a professionally built-from-scratch site could help cut down the code)
  •         Too many ads (reducing the amount of ads should help)

Solve these issues and your site should perform faster, encouraging visitors to stick around.

Your website has poor navigation

Your website could be failing to get leads if it’s complicated to navigate. If visitors can’t find the information that they’re after quickly or they find buying a product from you to be too difficult, they may give up and move on to another site.

If you sell products directly through your site, make sure that the checkout process isn’t overcomplicated (make sure that they don’t complete multiple pages just to sign up). If visitors need to contact you in order to start the lead process, consider using clear forms and call to action buttons.

Your website doesn’t look/feel professional

If visitors don’t get a professional feel from your website, they’re likely to be less trusting. This is likely to discourage them from buying your product or service.

There are a number of things that can make a website look or feel unprofessional. These include:

  •         Old-fashioned graphics/formatting
  •         Poor quality images
  •         Poorly written content (including typos/an unprofessional tone)
  •         Unreadable fonts/clashing colors
  •         Lack of credentials (no testimonials or trust badges)

Amateur custom-made websites are most likely to suffer from these flaws. Consider whether it’s worth hiring a professional web designer to rebuild your website. You may also want to consider hiring professional photographers for ensuring that all images are professional in tone, as well as hiring professional copywriters if you need good quality written content. Like a shopfront, a website is worth investing money in if you want to attract customers.  If you want to find out more about why website content is so important, check out this post by Cullen Fischel.

The problem lies with your product/service

If you’re getting visitors (and you’re marketing to the right people), it’s likely that there is a demand for the product or service that you sell. However, if people are visiting your site and not buying - and your site isn’t to blame – you may have to accept that there could be a problem with the product or service itself.

Perhaps your pricing is too high? Or perhaps your product is lacking a USP and visitors are getting drawn to your competitors for this reason?

To make sure your product/service isn’t the problem, consider conducting surveys with your customer base. This could allow you to work out any common criticisms with your product so that you can make any tweaks if necessary.  

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