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Over the years I have had the ability to learn from and be part of various mastermind groups (online and offline).  Mastermind groups are beneficial in helping you reach exponential growth through the compounded efforts and ideas of those members who are in the group and helping each other.

Mathematically it is like 1+1= 11 instead of 2 as many ideas can be born from others in communicating or pointing out things the original person did not know were possible or have not tested yet.

One of the best books that shares this idea of the mastermind is the classic "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill, which I have listened to as well as read a couple times over the years and would highly recommend you doing as well.

Below you will find some of the groups and/0r memberships that I am part of and recommend you checking out.  Some focus more on training in various aspects and others may focus more on the tools/software needed with the training involved to implement those tools to grow the business.

NOTE: I am a member and very likely an affiliate for many of these programs listed below.  If there is a link present with a charge involved to join or even opting in with back end purchases, I would also likely earn an affiliate/partner commission.


One of the most important things that your mastermind group will help you do is find ways to create more leads and sales.  Having the foundational software and tools online to stay in touch with those leads and customers is what Now Lifestyle offers.  Created by Joel Therien (GVO/Got Backup?) in 2017 it has quickly grown and expanded worldwide.  Coupled with the training inside the members area, support in the Facebook group and live webinar/events, the compounding effect on members to grow their business is evident.

You can try out the Now Lifestyle risk free for 30 days here!


With both free and paid levels, FREEDYM, launched by Ryan Lee (The Rewind Company), offers a NETFLIX type of mastermind training you can learn from along with annual events and hot seats where members can share their current status, struggles, successes and more and have other's chime in and help make them even better.

You can check out FREEDYM right here!


Launched in 2020, Revvenue is the idea of legend Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring and other amazing online courses) and has quickly grown and he has brought on experienced members and partners who have shared content and strategies on things from Youtube, Loans, Growing Your list and much more.

If you are a business owner looking to grow and expand, you can take a further look into Revvenue here!