Cryptocurrency or crypto as it is often called is digital currency.  Like stocks and investing is can build great wealth or cause massive losses if you buy or sell at the wrong times or do not keep track of it.  Unlike the real stock market, which closes at 4pm EST with trades not really able to be made after this time, Crypto is live and trading 24/7/365 as it is a global marketplace.

Many people are weary of crypto because of it's beginnings, fraud and other issues that might take place, though that can also be true in any business venture so it is always recommended to do your own due diligence in researching companies as well as specific crypto currencies that you may be interested in investing in.  Keep in mind you should only ever invest what you are willing and able to lose.  Again as a disclaimer you can lose money in crypto and I am not a trained or certified accountant, tax person, lawyer or investor and I make no claims you will make anything from the recommendations on this post.

Pi FREE Crypto with your Phone

You can start your journey (or continue it) with free crypto that you personally mine from your own cell phone.

Pi is a coin in developmental phases building out and mining the coins where at this point the coins do not have a set monetary value (think bitcoin back in 2010 when no one really knew about it and people were trading two pizza's for 10,000 BCT!) 

You can easily mine Pi with a few clicks on your phone and also invite people to mine it as well and increase your mining rate for having a security circle as they want real people with real phones doing this and not some automated bot system

Try mining free here and be sure to use the referral id 'davegardner' when prompted after adding the app to your phone

Helium mining and iHub Global

You can get your own Helium miner to mine HNT from home and also earn HNT from others who you refer to this platform.  The Helium network aims to expand available networks and wifi capabilities worldwide and you can earn both actively and passively in the process.

Learn more about Helium Mining here


You can purchase many of the vetted coins and crypto currency through major brokers like Coinbase and also earn free crypto in the process.  There is a section of the app called Coinbase "Earn" where you can learn about new and upcoming crypto, watch short videos and earn crypto in the process for free.

Coinbase is a publicly traded company on the stock market and also one of the biggest brokers of crypto.  When you purchase coins on their platform it remains under their control and accessible for your to trade or sell quickly.  If you are looking to invest over the long haul it would be recommended to also obtain a cypto wallet like the Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet or others you may find secure which lead to YOU holding and owning the coins.

You can try out Coinbase here and get $10 in free crypto when you buy your first $100:


You can create a free KuCoin account using this link here:

Disclaimer: Like other links/banners on this page if you click something from here and join on a connecting page I am potentially eligible for some form of commission payment (you might also be able to create an affiliate account with programs like this as well).  Commissions are typically made on the fees associated with the crypto transactions.

KuCoin is a viable option for finding many crypto currency coins and tokens that might not be available on major exchanges and also allow those not eligible to be sold in some states and countries by some exchanges to be made available for all.  Personally living in NY I find that I am often blocked in the process of buying many crypto's as they are not allowed in our state due to some dumb regulation, rule or idea.

Start Engine

While not cypto, Start Engine is a place where you can get FREE Shares of the company.  This company has many crowdfunding projects (some of which involve crypto and projects I have gotten involved with such as MetaKnyts and Lane Axis).  When you create your investment account we will both earn free shares in the company.

I have also invested into this company with my own shares as well as companies promoted inside in some of the following niches:

  • Bar/Beer
  • Camping
  • Housing/rentals
  • Enternainment
  • Cannabis
  • Tequila
  • Coffee
  • and others!
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