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Right now is the perfect time to take action!

Someday does not exist on any calendar that I have ever seen and if you are consistently consistent and take massive imperfect action you too can see results start to come to your business.

Now as I always say to my students, players, get out of it what you put into it.  In other words, we are all different and there is no guarantee except that you will have no growth if you put little to no effort forth.  You have to work if you want to be able to work with me as I can not do the work for you, though I will provide you will the recommended resources, training, tools and products that have helped me grow and can benefit you as well.

Below are some options for you to work with me on my team or use some of the same training I use and base my business on.  The key in all aspects is to BUILD YOU FIRST.  People will want to work with you, not necessarily specific companies.  Be the leader they are looking for!

List Leverage Marketing

List Leverage: Tools, Training and Traffic

The List Leverage marketing platform has the tools, training and traffic you need in a multiple income stream connection that ties in to build your online or digital marketing business.  Our growing Facebook group has live daily trainings with weekly Thursday night guest speakers and special offers.  Earn commissions on multiple products and services you need to run your business anyway with the List Leverage Platform.

Testimonial Generator

Testimonial Generator is a web-based software that alleviates the problems associated with getting testimonials and reviews from clients and customers.  No more waiting for the client to download their video to Google Drive or YouTube then again waiting for them to email you the link.  With Testimonial Generator the video is created and directly goes into YOUR account to use as you see fir.  Right now we are looking for JV (Joint Venture) partners to help spread the software globally and you can earn on a two tier commissions schedule.  You can join the family with me here at

Now Lifestyle/SendShark

Launched in early 2017, Now Lifestyle is a health/fitness and marketing tools platform with both physical and digital products that you can use for your own health or business improvements or to use as a business itself.  Earn up to 90% commissions as well as back end binary matrix bonuses through team volume.  Get started today for as little as $1 and earn commissions on digital as well as physical supplement products.  Join me at


The Freedym group was created in 2015 by Ryan Lee, who has been a master marketer for many years.  This new company he has launched is like the Netflix of marketing training courses.  You need to find out how to do something right, then come in and get some of the best training by people who are doing it the right way and building their legacies in the process.

It does not matter what you want to learn, you will most likely learn it here the right way.  Building a small funnel, membership sites, facebook advertising, selling physical box of the month packages and so much more.

Ryan kicks my butt now and again and always brings me back to the reality that I need to build ME FIRST and I will tell you the same.  This is some amazing access for about a $1 a day!

Click here to get yourself some needed >>FREEDYM today!<<

The $2 Dollar Secret

The $2 Dollar Secret shares the #1 Secret that the multi billion dollar industries and master marketers use to get customers back purchasing year after year.  This book also shares 13 Lucky strategies to help you grow your business in addition to recommended resources needed for every marketer and business.

A bonus journal section will help you keep yourself accountable in your progress and comes with motivational quotes on each page.

Grab your FREE Copy of the $2 Dollar Secret Here (Just cover S/H)

Commandments of Lacrosse Book

Basic Lacrosse and The Commandments of Lacrosse 

I have a passion for the game of lacrosse.  Having received my first stick when I was 6 years old I fell in love with the game, played in college, coached it for 15 years and expanded my knowledge into lacrosse websites, books and unique training equipment.

Learn more about the products and services I can help you with at


  • April 29, 2019

    Thank you…as a reminder though I am not listed as your sponsor with NLS, you would contact your sponsor when you are ready to go all in as they may possibly have a special link for a reduced rate with a 5 month payment plan that might work better for your budget.

  • April 28, 2019

    very good david. you are a great coach and Sponsor. Always here to listen, help and answer every nowlifestyler . I always appreciate you and Danielle. Unfortunately, i do not have money to pay to become all in at the moment. I hope God will open a way for me as soon as possible. Thank you so much for everything.

  • October 6, 2017

    Yes Max, that is awesome…Glad to have you on the team and looking forward to working with you here in Now Lifestyle! Keep taking action!

  • September 27, 2017

    You are my up line in Now LifeStyle, so I wanted to check in with you.

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