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The Marketers Tool Box

Wondering how the heck to get everything done online, especially if you are new to the online world and marketing?

Well here are all the tools I use that have brought me to where I am today. Just scroll below to see everything...from what I use to host my sites to where I have my autoresponder and how I create some of my images.  I have also included some of the awesome marketers I look up to as mentors/coaches and have helped me in my path to success.

Domain Name Purchase

If you want to be online you want a website:

  1. GoDaddy: I have purchased all of my domains through them...too many that I might be a domain addict!  We are talking custom names that are easier to grab peoples attention.  If you can, be sure to grab (unfortunately I have a very common name) or something very similar to this.

Some examples of domains I have to give you an idea: "",", "" and "" so that they are easy to share with people and look a lot better than a jumbled mass of letters and code with an affiliate link.

For example: is a lot easier to tell people in conversation than to tell them to go to while you are having a beer at a bar!

Keep it simple and easier to remember!

Web Hosting

The domain name you purchase does you no good by itself.  You need a company to provide space to store and host your content.  Now while you can use GoDaddy if you want, I find that they have had some limits to what they offer in regards to your ability to make your site how you want it.

  1. GVO: I host most of my domains through GVO with the Titanium Package as I have many domains and websites running, though they have other sized packages as well dependent upon your needs.

For example you might just want to get your own (ONE) website up and running and be able to start creating a basis with that, turn it into a blog and be up and running within a couple hours.  See below for some of the other tools you need to have to really run a business and grow your bran the right way which are actually included in the package you will see when you click the link above or this one for GVO!


This is crucial to go along with an opt in form if you are going to have a list of subscribers to promote your products(or those you are affiliated with) and be able to let them know about updates.

  1. GVO: Again they have a complete marketers package. This is who I have all my lists with.  I have tested out a few others and this company has been around for over 20 years and has provided consistent service and support.
  2. Send Shark: This is the sister company of GVO and has an updated email autoresponder platform.  This also has an additional business opportunity attached to it, with a much better compensation plan if you are interested in being a reseller of the tools.
  3. Get Response: Had to add this as I am on many marketers lists and see this all the time.  I had previously used it as well and was easy to use overall with some experience, though I decided I did not want to have multiple autoresponders.  You can try it free for 30 days by clicking the link provided!

Image creator

When you want to save on designer fees (if you have a little patience) these are some ways you can easily get high quality looking banners and ads made.

  1. Gimp: Free software to get you making your own images with multiple layers that you can easily copy and change as needed
  2. Canva: This is a free software to make images of any size and you can import your own images to edit or create from scratch!
  3. Instant Banner Creator: FREE to start...Use available templates for easy click and go banners, buttons, headers and footers
  4. Ecover Maker: I have used this to create digital product covers for report, dvd's books and more...super cool to use and pretty cheap if you create a bunch over the course of the year.

Membership Site Software

If you want to have a membership site, if you need to drip content or have a place where members can get exclusive access to content then take a look at these three services I currently am a member of and have been using for some of my sites and products.

  1. Wishlist Member: This is where you can control who has what membership levels to be able to access certain content or be denied it if they do not have the appropriate upgraded level.
  2. WP Profit Builder: This is the theme/tool I have installed on this blog and it drag, drop and create.  Pretty easy overall and can be used for great layouts, or to make simple opt in pages and funnels to grow your brand.
  3. Click Funnels: If you want another drag and drop software to create a funnel, you can test this out for 14 days for free by clicking on the link.  No need to have a website when you can just run it all here, though it would be wise to have the autoresponder which I mentioned above to integrate and capture lead details to build your list or follow up with.

Video Hosting

Video Hosting can be both free or paid and you need to be careful when using free services as they often will put ads of competitors right on your videos as well as show recommended videos of other people if you do not set up your account right.  I would recommend having a mix between these two.

  1. Viduber: Paid service competitive with Vimeo and Wistia though with a much better fee schedule as well as an affiliate compensation plan paying up to 60% commissions on two tiers.  This service is AD FREE and perfect for your business sales pages, blogs and personal sites you own where you do not want the visitor to see things for a competitor
  2. Youtube: You can upload/post free videos and help to build your subscriber base on this platform though they will always show recommended videos at the end as well as ads during your videos which can be distracting to your viewers and take them away from your content.  You can also place your sales videos here so people can find them (if you do not want them private) though do not embed these ones on sales pages if you do not want your viewers to see other peoples content.

Website Traffic and Paid advertising

Once you have your website or a program you are going to promote you obviously need eyes on those offers.  Getting traffic can come one of two ways which is free organic traffic as well as paid traffic.  Keep in mind sometimes with paid traffic you get what you pay for.  Be sure to research your providers and see their reviews.  Opt-ins do not always mean sales so also be sure to check their conversion rates or how often their leads turn into buyers, but keep in mind someone else's offer might convert better than yours.


  1. Traffic Authority: Clicks here are high quality but can be a little more on the expensive end and also include an affiliate and team building program 
  2. Traffic For me: Clicks are less expensive here than Traffic Authority and also have an affiliate program but not a team building one.  
  3. Udimi:Clicks here can be the least expensive of these three but also can be lists that are used over and over


  1. Traffic Secrets: This is one of the best courses and books on how to build your traffic in organic ways through social media, building a tribe and more

Marketers I know, Like and Trust

There is a lot of information out there these days and you might as well listen to those who have tested over and over online. This is just a small representation of some of those I have been following for many years and continue to find value from or use their training to improve my business day after day.

  1. Russell Brunson: Dot Com Secrets, Expert secrets, 12 Month Internet Millionaire, Micro-Continuity, Click Funnels and more
  2. Rich Schefren: Steal Our Winners and many more 
  3. Ryan Lee: Recurring revenue report, Rewind, FREEDYM (The Netflix of marketing training with no BS)
  4. Daegan Smith: Maximum Leverage, Recruit Like Crazy
  5. Joel Therien: Kiosk, GVO, Host Then Profit, Hot Conference, eResponder pro, Meet Cheap, GVO Conference, Now Lifestyle, Send Shark

Information Overload: Analysis Paralysis

As you can see there are many things to consider when you get going online. Make sure you put your time in finding out which software, system or marketer to use or follow. If you have a question on any of these, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you with the best answer I can.  Remember, you should not expect to learn everything in a day.  Building a business takes time.
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