Thank you for your Kinetic Band Purchase...Your Fitness Experience Gets Better Here!

Please be sure to read through this whole page to learn how to properly wear the bands, see sport specific exercises with the bands and learn how to win a vacation stay to one of 50+ destinations around the world!

Kinetic Bands

Your Kinetic Band set comes with the following:

TWO adjustable thigh wraps/leg straps with hooks

4 pairs/sets of resistance bands of increasing strength

    1. Red (Beginner)
    2. Orange (Intermediate)
    3. Green (Advanced)
    4. Blue (Power)
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How to Wear Your Kinetic Bands


Kinetic Band Training Videos

We have an extensive collection of training videos using the Kinetic Bands that overlap many sports and also have sport specific workout videos to help explode your fitness experience. Be sure to visit the following links to start watching today!

Athletic Training:


Speed and Conditioning:

Endurance Training:





Martial Arts:



Recommended Nutrition

The best thing you can do after a workout is to properly refuel your body.  Your muscle tissues need to repair and re-grow after a workout and our line of high quality supplements can keep you in top shape and improve your overall health and wellness.

Our product line continues to grow and includes but is not limited to:

  1. Whey Protein (vanilla or dutch chocolate)
  2. Eliminate fiber (capsule or powder formulas)
  3. Creatine
  4. Elevate energy boost
  5. Elevate Extreme 
  6. LipoXPlus

Learn more and order what you need at

Full Body Strength Training With the 7 Minute Workout

Want to get in even better shape...and not waste a lot of time doing it?  The same group who brought you the nutritional supplement line mentioned above also provides a complete body series of workouts that focuses on high intensity short duration training bringing muscles to failure through the Now Body and Now Lifestyle 7 Minute Workout:

  1. Back and Biceps
  2. Shoulders, Forearms and abs
  3. Hamstrings and calves
  4. Chest and Triceps
  5. Quads and glutes

These 5 cycles, when done every other day over a 10 day cycle provide ample time for repair and regrowth to build more muscle and increase the burning of fat.

You can test it out FREE a


Want to win a vacation stay in Las Vegas, Orlando, Hawaii, Brazil, Greece or one of many other destinations?  Right now you can get a Free* stay in one of many locations around the world from 3-7 nights.

All you need to do is become an active (Paying) member of my Now Body/Now Lifestyle team (See above for the Workout program) and upgrade your account to a paid position (either $25 monthly or $129 Annual at the time of this posting) and I will send you details on how to claim your voucher like the one you see in the image to the right for a complimentary stay at the location of your choice once you contact me that you have joined through this special (so I may start the process of sending your voucher for you to choose your vacation stay location). 

*You are responsible for all transport to/from the vacation site, food/dining, entertainment as well as applicable taxes/fees associated with the resort destination (averages about $17-20/night USD)

Create your Account by clicking here:

Free Vacation of Your Choice
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