MLM in 2012

Should you start working in an MLM? These are businesses that are legitimate with options for growth through extensive training and support groups.

If you ever put some thought into joining an MLM, or multi level marketing business, you are like many others out there today.  As the economy continues to tank you need to find a way to take ownership of your finances.

You might be working full time and not making what you think you are worth and therefore looking for an alternative source of income.  MLM’s provide multiple options to earn more in 2012 and beyond.

You can not find another place where a large group of people will help you succeed.  In most cases if you do poorly, you might lose your job, while in the case of MLM, you will get as many chances as you want and need to become successful.

In MLM, you usually have an upline of supporting marketers (unless you get in right in the beginning) that want you to succeed.  When you do well, they may earn a commission off of your sales, so it does them justice to help you out to be successful.

One of the major complaints about MLM is the idea that they are a pyramid scheme. If you are just putting money into a system and getting more people to pay you money that pays of the upline, then yes, this rings of a scheme.  However, if you are selling physical products and sharing a percent of the sales between yourself, your upline and the company, then this is truly a legitimate business.

Think about buying a car for a minute.  The salesman, financing guy and company will all split commissions on the sale of a car, so you could call them a pyramid scheme as well.  MLM is not a pyramid scheme and you need to do your due diligence in finding an MLM that works correctly to meets your need.

You should find an MLM that you are interested in with products you like.  Why bother wasting your time and energy if you do not even like the products or services being offered with the MLM.  Often financial services, diet supplements, cleaning products, juices and web services are major players in the MLM industry.

As you begin your journey into the MLM world, you will be bringing other distributors into your own pipeline and you need to do your best to leave good friends and family members out of  it, unless they come to you looking for chances to improve their finances.  The less stress you can put on your close friends and family, the better.

Most people who join you are going to join you based on you, not really what you are selling, though it does help if they have an interest or are recruited from a common niche group.  Think forums as a place to find people interested in business ventures.

Unlike starting a franchise, MLM offer you a much lower investment into the business, thus drastically reducing financial risk right out of the gate as you get started.  Unlike hundred of thousands of dollars shelled out for a restaurant chain, you might only need to spend a few hundred dollars to get you started with an MLM.

Your best bet is to try out an MLM.  You will either be really happy that your MLM does what you want it to so, or you will be really happy knowing you tried it out and know that it is not what you want to do with your additoinal career.  Feel free to send me a PM/commnet in regards to gettin going MLM.

To get you started in the mean time in regards to some very cost effective and beneficial MLM’s you can check these out to see how they fit in your business model.

Host Then Profit (Complete Marketers package of tools)

Meet Cheap (webinar conferencing)


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Not another fake server overload with Mike Dillard

So you may have heard about marketers who cause their sites and servers to go down to bring on an appearance of limited quantities due to many people watching their video or trying to purchase their product all at once.

See the attached picture and you will notice that Mike Dillard, of the Elevation Group was getting 7000 requests per second on thier 3rd video that was released today and did in fact crash their servers.

The video should be up and running anywhere near 8pm EST where you can find out what Mike Dillard sees as his economic outlook for 2012.

The Elevation Group is an online community where monthly modules take you and educate you on all aspects of finance and investing from life insurance to metals investing and from real estate to using your IRA in ways outside of the norm.

Mike Dillard will also be offering membership again in the group and you would be wise to consider this offer. Having an education and knowing the right steps to take as well as the right people to contact will be worth more than the cost of the course and membership.

It will be the educated that will succeed in times of economic chaos while those un educated will fall behind. Which group would you rather belong to?

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Warren Buffet Lost His Shirt, are his pants next?

The Elevation Group founder Mike Dillard releases video #2 of his year in review about the financial outlook for 2012

Today, December 8, 2011, marks the release of the second video in the Elevation Groups Year in Review video series.

Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released
Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released


Mike Dillard, the founder of the Elevation Group brings you inside his recent mastermind group where he has his team being interviewed in front of a group of members down in Austin TX. This video goes into detail on how they have improved their financial status while major players like “Warren Buffet lost his shirt”. The question to ask is are his pants next?

Mike Dillard stresses that while gold, silver, real estate and more are good to invest in, educational knowledge in what has happened in the past through history in cyclical patterns as well as what is occurring now and indicating what will become is the best commodity to have these days. It is the educated who will come out on top when the global collapse of the dollars occurs in many countries.

See what Mike Dillard has to say that might just help you learn as well to be prepared at ==>

This is the 2nd of three videos being released with the final portion coming on Monday December 12, 2011. They will also be welcoming new members into the Elevation Group on Monday as well where you can learn more about all aspects of what is to come in the financial and security future with topics ranging from stocks, gold/silver investing, gun safety (to help protect your assets in chaos), life insurance, using your IRA to invest in other properties such as metals and real estate and much more.

Currently there are 16 modules you will be able to access, while on average they have been adding one more each month, with much member participation in the comment/forum areas. I can not stress enough how important it is to be educated.

Now could you search all over and find this online, sure you could, though you will not have the extensive support group involved with the Elevation Group. Currently Mike Dillard has recruited Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA to come over and work with them. Now wouldn’t you trust this CPA? I know I would, but you need to always do your due diligence.

Come see what Mike has to say about all this in the third video now:

Elevation Group
Leave me a comment with the email you used to registed for the video and I will help you out with a complimentary membership to the Wealth Upgrade club. The Elevation group video is free to watch and when you take the next step when video 3 is released, I will have much more bonuses, including sending you your first piece of silver!

So go watch now and educate yourself. Only the educated are going to come out on top, while those who are not educated will falter.

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