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Protecting your business

5 Ways To Protect Your Small Business

If you have a business you need to make sure you are protected in a variety of ways. In this post we talk about 5 crucial ways to…
Tips for building an office

3 Practical Tips For Building An Office

If you are looking to build your own office, things like lighting, space and even the quality of your countertops are things to…
Hosting a successful event

How To Host A Successful Event

Whether it is the right venue, the right amount of open air or the right people sitting next to each other, here are some strategies…
Ways To Make Your Office Space More Convenient

Ways To Make Your Office Space More Convenient

From Decluttering to putting up shelves and using the cloud, there are a few ways to make your office space more convenient.
How to build your email list and teams in LiveGood with Profits Passport

How to Use Profits Passport Multiple Income Funnel

Profits Passport by David Dekel is a multiple income stream funnel with 5 products that help you build your own email list, get…
How to impress your new clients

Make Sure Your Business Impresses Modern Clients

From decluttering to giving your website a fresh new look, these are just some of the ways to impress your clients.
Free up business office space

5 Ways To Free Up More Space In Your Office

If you feel your office is taking you over these 5 strategies from decluttering to hiring hybrid workers will help free up space.
Ways to reduce stress as a busy business owner

Tips For Reducing Stress As A Busy Business Owner

No one wants to burn out at their job so these strategies from outsourcing to delegating are just the start of how you can reduce…
LiveGood Firestarter Friday Live Training 9-1-2023

LiveGood Firestarter Friday Training 9-1-2023

Another great LiveGood Live Friday training sharing that over 7000 new members joined the company in ONE day alone this week.
LiveGood Compensation plan video overview

LiveGood Compensation Plan Video

Learn the ins and outs of the LiveGood Compensation plan based on Team building and matching bonuses
LiveGood Distribution Centers in Germany and Africa

LiveGood Distribution Centers in Germany and Africa

LiveGood Announces Germany Distribution center is open and Africa coming soon in Nigeria, with Philippines possible thereafter.
Three website traffic sources

Three Website traffic resources to test out

Recently I am testing out three traffic sources for website clicks. Click Engine, My Traffic Powerline and My Lead Gen Secret. Come…

LiveGood Team Rotator and Free Leads

When you join my Team in LiveGood I will add you to the team rotator for Lifetime free leads and signups.
Doing good for the world in your business

How to Create a Business That Does Good For the World

While business often are in the mode of earning money, you can also create one to do good for your community and the world.
Deliveries and suppliers

Why Good Suppliers Are Good For Business

Having suppliers you trust can lead to savings, timely deliveries, consistency and more.