Laura Betterly new Instant Local Traffic Course

I just found out the about the release of my former marketing coach Laura Betterly’s new course called “Instant Local Traffic”

With online marketing booming into 2012, local business still seem to be stuck in the past.

Laura Betterly has come up with a 16 second story that has business drooling over her. Talk about grabbing the store owner by the horns!

Having taken Laura’s Mobile Local Fusion course in the past and being a fellow student with her in the Social Media Money System course, I know first rate how dedicated Laura is to both her clients and students and I would highly recommend anything that Laura puts out.

The course is now live and if you are into marketing and online marketing, there is nowhere better to start that in your own local market.

Be the person they look to for online support. Instead of using someone from another city to take care of their business…you are the hero.

When you invest in Instant Local Traffic with the links here I will hook you up with a nice bonus! See below!

If you know anything about online marketing, you have heard of Ryan Deiss…He’s the voice you here working with Laura is a major partner of Ryan’s and has been for the past few years.

Bonuses for Instant Local Traffic: You can buy this if you own a business too, not just for people marketing to businesses

1) Lifetime coaching from me though text messaging/email on anything marketing

2) Google Place Page set up for your Business for free by me! Best way to get the local business and clients to find you. I do not even have a storefront and I often get calls because of how I have my Google Place Page set up.

3) A physical copy sent to your door of Butterfly marketing (155 pages) by Mike Filsaime, where you will learn all about the small changes you can make to your business that result in large growth over time.

So be sure to use this link to grab Laura Betterly’s new Instant Local Traffic today, then leave a comment at and we get going on your bonuses

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Daegan Smith Trump Card Contest about Daegan Smith’s online marketing lessons

Daegan Smith discusses his key lessons to improving your online marketing sales funnel in email stories, live webinars and his maximum leverage course

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Keeping it in perspective with online marketing

Online marketing can look good and bad at times. Being able to keep things in perspective is a key to making it successful sometimes

So has the stomach bug hit?

I am home from work again today, as my middle child (I have three girls) got the wrath of the bug last night.

This past Friday, it was the oldest so I am wondering whether the youngest is due or already had a milder case and we didn’t think about it as she never threw up.

We all react differently to the same situations and that is what I want to focus on today.  What one person thinks is no big deal, another may be having a total fit over.

If you are in (or have ever been in) a relationship, you know exactly what I mean.  One person does something that they feel is alright and the other takes is totally the wrong way.

The same happens in business.  What you might consider something you feel has value and benefits other, someone might see as spam…

You would have to do some pretty crazy stuff for that of course, but I hope you get my point.  The perspective of the person often is based on the experiences they have had leading up to this event.

If someone is use to getting a ton of emails daily, then they are not surprised when the next person send them emails everyday.  If you just signed up for your first email list, this might come as a surprise to you that we would take the time to develop the relationship.

If anything, this is the most important thing to do.  Get then to know about it, learn what are interests and experiences are and much more so that we can keep it on a level playing field.

I do not claim to be better or worse than the next guy, but I do claim to have put in countless hours, sometimes to the disgust of my wife and children, so that I can be one of the most valuable people you have a relationship with online.

Just the other day I shared a story about my interest and near death experience with sharks.  If you missed it, come check it out again.

Two Sharks and a Movie

When it comes to perspective, we all need to be able to see it from both sides. While many marketers online will see thier product as the latest and greatest, what it really comes down to is whether or not it solves a problem…

To be specific, does it solve my problem?

Does it make my life online easier?

Does it save me money?

These are probably three of the most important questions you could be asking yourself as you either start the building of your own Internet Empire, or as you continue to grow one that is already established.

Whether you have been online a day or 5 years, each day will bring something new and educational.  Being able to seize the day (CARPE DIEM!) is the key.

Right now you have that chance to hit on all three key questions above in regards to making live easier, solving problems and saving me money.

My buddy Joel Therien has outdone himself here with his new marketing services and has put together a video that you need to sit down and watch.

Joel Therien’s Everything I know video

If you can’t watch it now, forward this email to yourself, so that it appears NEW again and watch it later.

If he does not hit on all three major ideas I will be shocked and would love to hear how YOU are currently doing it and you need to send me an email with details.

I have made use of this for almost 3 years now and could not be happier.  Well, I take that back,  I will be happier when you watch the video and are proactive.

By that, I mean realizing what you have in front of you as a choice, instead of being reactive months or years down the road when your problems were not solved, your life was not made easier and you did not save the money you could have.

Joel Therien: Everything I know

To keeping it in perspective,

Dave Gardner

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Marketing with Anik Bonus

Marketint with Anik is a new 15 week online marketing and affiliate training course by Anik Singal, which includes many bonuses

Anik Singal opens his Marketing with Anik course and blasts all the way up to #7 on clickbanks top products in less than 36 hours of live action.

In this newest course offered for online marketers and entrepreneurs online, Anik Singal will be providing you with 15 weeks of life training in all aspects of marketing and selling products online and offline. He is also providing some of his older products as bonuses in the member area.

To find out more and learn about bonuses I am offering as well, come see the latest blog post I put out for the new Marketing with Anik course that will compliment what Anik has to provide.

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Mike Filsaime shows how to build a franchise for almost nothing

Owning a franchise like subway or McDonalds can be an expensive investment. Mike Filsaime shows how to build a franchise for almost nothing with this new webinar of his at

Subway, McDonalds, Jreck Subs….What do they all have in common. They are all considered a Franchise.

It does not matter which one you go into, you can expect the same quality of food and service because they follow a clearly defined set of rules and expectations so that they run a smooth operation.

This is the basis of a franchise. It is the closest you could get to a plug and play as basically all you need to do is follow the plan and let the magic work. These are usually successful businesses as long as they are set up as they were meant to be.

If you are willing to put the time and effort into learning the system and training others to learn and master the system, you will see success happen. All you need to get going in the beginning is anywhere from $100,000 to a million dollars or more.

Though this may sound like more than you can handle, the benefits should follow assuming you follow the system. Another thing to consider is that some of these franchises also have yearly fees as well tacked onto owning the franchise, unless you are able to buy it outright.

This major cost alone puts many people off from purchasing a franchise and this is where Mike Filsaime shows how to build a franchise for almost nothing.

If you are involved in online Marketing, Mike Filsaime is one of the major players becuase of his products like butterfly marketing, 7 figure code, tweetglide, Evergreen Business systems and much more. Needless to say, he has been able to build a system that has made him very successful.

Mike Filsaime shows how to build a franchise for almost nothing in his recent webinar using his own systems and products he has created and tested out to be very beneficial to marketers of all stature. Just like Subway, McDonalds or Jreck subs, following Mike Filsaimes business model is plug and play.

Mike Filsaime will walk you through what needs to be done from getting the domain established to appropriate hosting of the site, which he even throws in if you want it! The training and guidance involved and included for future reference in the back office is priceless and will hold your hand as you continue to grow your business.

This is a system that can be followed and made to be successful asuming the right steps are taken. The major difference between Mike Filsaime’s franchise model and the big fast food chain restaurants is the idea of cost. You will pay a mere fraction of the cost to get your own system up and running.

Instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars, you might pay only a couple hundred dollars. Considering that you would pay this in learning all the rope in regards to the how to’s, the do’s and don’ts, the when’s and the where’s, the training is well worth the value included.

The products themselves are necessary and hold valuabe information to the viewer and getting people to visit the site will be the most important thing to focus on for your part, because everything else is set up for you. Again, this is where the plug and play comes in as everything is build in to run the same way, regardless of where it is located, this being just like a franchise.

Mike Filsaime has developed this franchise system to be in business with you, but to only take a small fee. Again, unlike a large sum of money for monthly fees, this is only mere dollars you are talking about here.

So take a few minutes and see where Mike Filsaime shows how to build a franchise for almost nothing. He has set aside a few times for you to pick the one that is most convenient for you.

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