7 P’s to a Perfect Product Launch with Aidan Booth at Marketing Mayhem 2014

7 P’s to a Perfect Product Launch with Aidan Booth at Marketing Mayhem 2014

Aidan Booth shares 7 P's to a perfect launch

At the Marketing Mayhem Live 2014 event in Orlando, Florida, the first speaker we were blessed with with Aidan Booth, who has done a few million in sales using the JV Zoo Platform (if you are not using this to promote products or launch your own, you can register for free here: http://TheDavidGardner.com/JVZoo )

Aidan Booth presented 7 ways that have helped him have this success and I want to give you an inside look at some of the things you should be doing in your marketing to help with your product launches as well.

  1. Product Super Power
  2. Positioning
  3. Pages
  4. Pre-Launch
  5. Partners
  6. Profit Maximizers
  7. Platform

Product Super Power: This is where your product gets your customer over their lack of confidence of past failures in something and include training of the “How to” variety and may also include software and tools that help them do the job easier, or a done for you component

Positioning: This is where you convey yourself appropriately and create a product that is at least worth 4 times what you are charging for it, and that they think that it is a “No Brainer”

Pages: You have to have the right set up in your funnel.  If you are using video, make it big and have the buy button always open in a new window.  Aidan suggests having it always present if you are new, though not revealing it as a drop down until later if you are a more seasoned marketer and never revealing the price in the video, but only in the cart, which I thought was very interesting and will be causing me to re-create some of my previous videos for sure.

Pre-Launch: The main idea here was that the higher the price of the item, the longer the pre-launch should be.

Partners: As Brian G. Johnson put it, you want to “focus on making your JV partners as much money as possible” though keep in mind that partners are useful, though should not be considered as an essential requirement of your success.  You need to consider their calendar and availability and make sure your products do not contradict their products.  He also suggested getting them to commit to at least 4 mailings through the launch including the original page, webinars, webinar replay and last day/closing cart date.  One of the biggest pieces of advice he has with partners was to connect with as many leaders at live events to get to know them better.

Profit Maximizers: These are things that will bring in more value and more sales and include webinars, replays and retargeting so that your customers keep seeing your material and having opportunities to purchase.

Platform: As could be predicted, you need to have a marketing tools system that can help process the sales, pay the affiliates and provide instant access to a product.  The JV Zoo platform is one of the fastest growing with over $80 Million in sales in under 3 years and is free to set up to promote your own products as a vendor, or promote other peoples products as an affiliate.

If you have already registered your free account with the Zoo…you can do that right here and list your first product or search for ones that you feel you would like to promote to your social network or subscriber base.


Even if you are not launching a product right now, these are ideas that you can start to easily implement into your overall marketing to help you grow your brand and your business.

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