Attract More Customers, Get Better Conversions, and Getting More People Buying More of Your Products

“How To Attract More Customers, Get Better Conversions, and Getting More People Buying More of Your Products.”

From the Desk of Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins…who have gone overboard and done it again!


There are few universal truths.  One of them, for online marketers,

is that we will always need more TRAFFIC, more CONVERSIONS, more

sales, more social media likes and shares… basically, we need

more people seeing our offers, and better offers to show them.

It doesn’t matter how great or successful you become- even the top

industry leaders will tell you they need more… because increasing

leads and sales are the only ways your business grows.


So I personally get every bit of training or information I can gather

from my peers and mentors in this industry, and I got a sneak

preview of one that released this morning, and it’s definitely a


Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins just released their new video

(as usual, it’s a cinematic masterpiece), which shows you how

they started a new business that focused on just 6 core elements.


And by focusing only on those 6 core elements, they came together

and created a multi-million dollar business in just 6 weeks.


They walk you through how they trained their new staff to only work

on these 6 core elements and ignore everything else.  And by

adopting a Laboratory Style approach, took this new focus and

launched industry changing trainings.


This video will not only teach you what those 6 core elements are,

it will also do something that most marketers don’t do…


… it will show you the reality of what it means to be a hard-core

online business owner during the most challenging moments in a

real business – a multi-million dollar product launch.


So click the link and take a few minutes to watch the training.

Get this before your competition does…


Dave Gardner

PS This video is only up for a short time so make sure to check it out today

and be able to get access to my bonuses:

When you take the $1 trial or Pay for the Presale offer I have some
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A) I am going to send you a copy of the Mastermind book I
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with Gurus”

B) I am also NOW going to send you a copy of Mike’s Butterfly
Marketing Manuscript V.3.0 that is a staple in the marketing industry.

C) I am going nuts here and will also provide you will a video review
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your image and status in the online business arena.

D) I am going to give you access to me for text message coaching
for 2 months…the time it takes to get through at least your trial offer
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Just sign up and then send me a copy of the receipt to this email
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have a smart phone yet.)

Send email to “DaveGardner @ MagneticSponsors [dot] com”

Once my commissions clear, I will be prepping your books to ship out!

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