Emelia Gardner the 1st 5 years

Emelia Gardner the 1st 5 years.

I have been enjoying Animoto lately after reading about it in a magazine from Russell Brunson called DotComSecrets.  With tonights, addition, I now have videos of all three of my daughters up as well as one of the Solvay Teachers Association Scholarship fundraiser.  The program is very easy to use where you can take pictures or video clips and blend into a movie with music (either provided public domain selections or something you personally own the rights to)

There are a few member levels as well, with the free one only allowing you to make 30 second clips, which works best with a few pictures and text.  If you are looking to have more involved (like my 3 kids vids) then you want to go with the $30/year membership which allows you the option of producing full length movies where you can add pics, text, video and sound to make for a more well rounded product.

Animoto - 100% Kick Ass

So if all you are doing now is uploading still photos into Facebook, Twitter and many other sites…Why not make them stand out more.  The applications for putting this into your business are very appealing as well.  check out Animoto before they start charging more for this software!  I will keep making movies with this software and think you should as well because of its ease of use and ability to spread.  It has built in links for the major networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and can also import your email list (certain servers only like Gmail, MSN, yahoo!)  as well as send to your WordPress blog (which is what I am using right here) as well as other services to come in the near future.

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