How I made half a million dollars in t-shirt sales with John Cornetta at Marketing Mayhem 2014

John Cornetta T-shirt salesJohn Cornetta plays big when it comes to marketing.

Having been in the business for many years, he knows a thing or two, so when he speaks you should listen.  It was a perfect combination for me seeing that I have been looking to hear him speak for a while and wanted to add a t-shirt option in to my future sales in both marketing and specifically the lacrosse niche (where I have a couple products and a subscriber base as well)

In his speech John Cornetta shared what he did with the TeeSpring software to earn a half million dollars in t-shirt sales using some basic as well as focused efforts which I am going to highlight here:

  1. Find a market
  2. Create a shirt
  3. Create a fanpage
  4. Set up and launch facebook ads linked with Teespring retargeting

You really can sell just about anything on a t-shirt and he suggest that you check your pride and ego at the door and sell what the market wants and not just what you want.

2 Points of Interest

If you can find 2 points of interest you are on your way to success.  What he meant here was that if you can match a couple variable or targets, you will be better off in your chances for success.  Things like gender, parents, grandparents, sports and sports teams, professions, hobbies etc. are all things you can cross-reference to improve your chances of hitting the interests of a greater part of the population.

Creating the Fanpage and Facebook Ad

It is suggested to never use a right side ad for this fanpage as it will not show your t-shirt image as well as a news feed image will.  John Cornetta likes to run 7 shirts at a time instead of one shirt and waiting a full week to 10 days to see if it is profitable before starting a new one.  This way you can quickly see what is working or not and do not waste months in the process.

The goal in the beginning is to see if you can break even between advertising cost and t-shirt profits, while building up the likes and engagement on the fanpage, which means that you can later promote other products and shirts to them at a later time and improve your ROI, or return on investment.

In order to improve the growth of the fanpage, he suggests always using Post Page Engagement or PPE and never mentions the price of the shirt in his ad, which if only charge when someone clicks the “like” button.  He will also bring them back to the Fanpage after a sale to like it, or buy other shirts they may be interested in.

John Cornetta will also scale up his efforts with the help of VA’s or virtual assistants as he trains them and they know how to make the engagement greater and the sales start to improve while he is working on other products…Like his OWN T-shirt and printing company called Tee Gear, which is launching soon!

If you just can not wait for TeeGear and want to get started with your shirt production you can join TeeSpring by clicking here:

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