I just had over $2000 sucked away from me today

I am pretty much at a loss of words here over this one

in regards to literally having over $2000 sucked away

from me today.


Wanna know how?  We will get to that in a minute

and it totally puts the price I paid for my own

commercial copy of Easy Video Suite into perspective.


As an existing customer of Josh Barletts, I was able

to get an early bird discount to EVS and grabbed it

as I new what I saw was going to help me in my plans

this year.


For less than $1 a day, I knew it was good for me.


The question though is whether it is good enough for



I sure think so and to top it off, I have put together

some great physical and digital products into a bonus

that you can see here:




We are talking over $4K in bonuses…which has

nothing to do with the $2K that was sucked away

from me earlier, but we are getting close to that.


After watching all the training videos and getting the

software uploaded onto my computer, I am excited

to start making videos, tracking more, split testing

and generally making video pages look nices while

saving a ton of time in the process.


As they say, time is money and here spending a little

money will help you save a ton of time.


So check out the bonuses and the pain associated with

the EVS license will be eased as I am going to

provide you with some actuall physical products that

you can learn and expand from…Most of the other

bonuses out there are just simple PLR stuff that you

might not ever use, while this you can take with you

and learn from wherever it is convenient for you.




Ok, so how the hell did $2000 get sucked away from

me today, you want to know?


Well we just broke ground this past week as my Father

in law is moving in with us and we are adding a couple

rooms on for him and so that my three daughters can

each have their own rooms.

We are also adding an additional garage bay so that

all three adults will be able to park and what we realized

was that our undergound oil tank was too close to the

area where we are going to build.


So, it had to come out!


Now I am thinking it would be great for the oil company

to come and just pump it out and give us a credit or

but it back…well, not a chance of that…Might be “dirty”

now and they do not want to then give it or have to

refine it again…


…so we had to find someone who would “TAKE” it.


And so, about $2000 or about 500 gallons of oil was

sucked away from me today.


On top of it, we now have to pay for removal of the

old oil burner AND installation of a new propane furnace.


So the $2000 had minimally doubled in price to $4000

already.  So it goes!


Just another incentive to make me work that much

harder for you here teaching you what I know and

providing you with the best recommendations I can.


So when you take action, not only will you get a great

software in the Easy Video Suite, but you also get a

kick butt bonus….and to top it off, you get to help me

install a new furnace to replace the one that was sucked

away from me this morning.




To making things not suck!


Dave Gardner





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  • February 12, 2013

    Glenn, You are right, 30 days for $1 can not be beat. It is a great course with great content to help build your list!

  • Glenn D. Murphy
    February 11, 2013

    You get 30 days of the newest and best training from Russell and his staff to get moving online and building your list today!

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