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I just checked the leaderboard contest for the week of March 19-25, 2013 and noticed I have had a major jump and threaten those on top!  Where I had not been anywhere close in this long list during the first week of the Pure Leverage Leaderboard contest, the second week I creeped onto the board and now I am in 20th place (for the week) against some huge names as seen in the image here:

Pure Leverage Leaderboard

If you click on the image to see the other names better, you will see the likes of Daegan Smith, Russell Brunson, Stone Evans, Mark Call, Frank Salinas and Joel Therien above me, while I have outpaced the legends Gary Chappelle and Diane Hochman up to this point in the week!

Now this could all change in minutes when they send out a blast to their emails list, but I thought it was pretty cool to see my name up there highlighting the successes I have had thus far.

Want your shot at getting on the leaderboard?  Join me at Pure Leverage here:


To be transparent and give some details, I have had about 170 leads come into the platform over the last week, primarily using 2 solo ads, though I have had some good traffic as well from building a relationship with some people on social networks like Facebook as well as placing my videos on Youtube.

The 170 leads came from about 700 clicks so far which is about a 24% conversion rate and of those 170, I have about 6-10 who have upgraded and/or who are pending to upgrade in addition to my previous team (though the GVO platform) who also have upgraded.

Do you want to have the same successes?  Join the team and I will be sure to share it all with you AND share some direct leads with you as well when I place some overflow into your downline as well as send some hits to YOUR affiliate lead capture page.

When you win, I win, so I want to be able to help you out as much as possible.  If you check out the picture here of a section of my recent downline, you will see how I have been sharing the love and placing people under those who have been with me by overflow.

Pure Leverage Downline overflow

The way this works is, if I have interpreted it correctly is that I actually gain the major portion of the original commission as I have added these people directly as noticed bu the red underline for most of these folks.  On the future end, if these people are to upgrade to other products, then those that they are under will begin to benefit from the residual commissions.  I do have to contat their support to verify this fact though.

They too can do this for those people they recommend to Pure Leverage and the GVO family of tools to build their teams out horizontally as well as vertically.

Not only am I excited about climbing up the leaderboard, but more importantly I am excited about the tools included in the Pure Leverage Marketing Platform which include but are not limited to:

*Autoresponder system to capture leads and send your follow up messages up to 10,000 subscribers.

*Video email, where I can send a video email and let my list get to know me a lot quicker than through just email or text.

*Live weekly trainings to help implement all facets of marketing

*Live webinar conference room (up to 100 seats) to host as many trainings or conversations you want in a month

*Video hosting

*Much more

You can get it all for a $1 trial (7 Days) and take it out on a test run to see how it can help your business generate leads so it can follow up with customers and provide great content and strategies that continue to bring them back in month after month.

Grab your $1 trial and find out more here: http://MagneticSponsors.com/Leverage

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