Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy Module 2 Overview

Like many other marketers out there, I like to buy new products to learn the best marketing

techniques that are going so as to bring my business to the next level.


I do like to know what the course is about and how it can help and there are many

that I have easily turned down…though as an Elite affiliate for Magnetic Sponsoring, I knew

that as soon as they endorsed Ray Higdon and his Pro Blog Academy, I knew it was something

that I needed to look futher into.


I grabbed the course after watching the initial live webinar that was conducted earlier in the

year, especially because I knew my blog needed some heavy upgrades, so why not follow

someone who has had financial success with theirs.


I went through Module 1 pretty quick as I had many of the idea established already,

but due to other things happening in life, I did not get beyond that for another month

or two (you know, like travelling the Kenya and starting school again etc.) though I did

just find myself with  a couple spare hours the other day and watched Module 2 of

Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy and am very satisfied with my choices.


Ray Higdon points out a major factor in traffic generation when it comes to

getting a ton of hits to your site…Easily enough, you have TO START, and then

you need to be consistent (do it daily, weekly etc.).


He also brings in the idea that you are not required to have a lot of creativity

in order to make a blog post (though honestly it sure can help) as you can instead

use items in your house or a local bookstore to help set the way for the content

discussed in your next post.


For example you grab a book and ask yourself…What would I possibly want to know

that would get me to pick this book up (or someone else to perhaps) and this

question itself can become the title of the blog post…then just take it from there.


For example, perhaps you were just starting out building a blog, you could say

something like “How to add plugins to your blog that increase SEO (Search Engine

Optimization)” which would be your blog title, they you provide content on how

to make it happen.


Then you can just run with it…though he highly suggests making a video of it and

everything else you do so that not only can you use it to show your viewers…you

might even be able to make your own course with this content someday.


Ray Higdon also suggests going out and physically asking people questions

and I did exactly that one week ago as I was vending at a Lacrosse Tournament

and I ended up with about 60 completed surveys which contained 4 simple questions.


Commandments of Lacrosse

Commandments of Lacrosse

I wanted to gather information for my next Lacrosse book and was pretty happy

to see how many filled it out as this gave me valuable content relating to

their desire to improve themsleves in the game of Lacrosse.  Now each of these

comments/answers in the surveys could become a separate blog post, chapters

in my new book or modules in a new course.


Now of course, Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog academy goes into greater details for this

and other important thing to do on your blog.  Just by watching the webinar replay, you are

bound to hear something beneficial that you could start implementing to your blog to

start seeing results with soon.


I would highly suggest you grab a copy of of the Pro Blog Academy course.


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