Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house,

All the dogs were barking and woke up my spouse.


I got out of bed because I could also not sleep,

And started deleting emails I did not want to keep.


Realized it was three years to this day in the year Two Thousand and nine,

That I bought a product which put me on the success line.


It was “The 7 Figure Secrets” by marketer Mike Filsaime,

Which I read with excitement for it was not lame.


It was not the first thing I had from this great strategist, Butterfly Marketing,

The Resource Report and Marketing Dot Com were also on my list!


I read and I absorbed the information with desire,

And the passion for growing my business was lit like a fire


It is now three years later and I have learned a ton,

I have even won a trip to Kenya from Russell Brunson


I share this story in my brand new book with Mike

It is full of tips, strategies and more I know you will like.


It is called “Riding with Guru’s” and if full of content that’s great

Once you grab it and start reading, you will be staying up late.


Learning and earning, taking action each and every day

Soon you will see your business grow in many little ways.


As we end another great year and get ready for another

Feel free to pick one up for your friend, partner or mother.


You can pre-order them now so you will be on our first list to ship

We’re just tweaking some graphics and gathering another group of tips.


We know you will love it and we give you our guarantee

I’ll give you 60 days to figure it out and if not, just ship it back to me.


Head on over to the site and grab your book(s) today

As soon as it’s ready we will ship it your way!


To Enjoying your Holiday and bringing more to your business


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