Russell Brunson Put me in his sales video

So last July I went to Kenya because I won a marketing contest through  Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X course.

Yeah baby, that is me towards the end of the video!

You too can have that same exact chance starting today just for a $1 donation to the Make A Wish Foundation…

…And I’ll Match it….I will give another $1 to match this donation so that we can help to double our good deeds.  Heck, I will even give another $1 to the World Teach Aid Fund, who we went with so they can help build more schools, buy more books and feed more children in the school.

You get 30 days of the newest and best training from Russell and his staff to get moving online and building your list today!

It is a win-win-win-win situation.

You win because you learn from the best.

I win becuase I could earn a commission if you stay in the program.

Russell wins because he grows his business.

Most importantly, the kids win with your $1 and my matching $2

It is a no brainer!

Dave Gardner

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