Stop Selling: Earn Money by giving away FREE stuff with Roger Dagenais at Pure Leverage Las Vegas

Stop Selling: Earn Money by giving away FREE stuff with Roger Dagenais at Pure Leverage Las Vegas

So I am going back over my old notes from the original Pure Leverage live event from the fall of 2012.  The latest live event is happening in San Antonio, TX as I write this, though I was unable to attend due to coaching lacrosse (as I have two games this week and my 13th anniversary!)

I had the chance to listen to Roger Dagenais speak about the idea of giving stuff away in order to build a client basis.  By giving away huge value up front, even before asking for a single thing in return, you are going to be winning the trust of many new people who will want to work with you.

Roger Dagenais Shares Giving tips to grow business

You can hear Roger Dagenais share his whole series of tips inside the member area along with others who presented such as Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith, Marshall Sylver, Joel Therien, Mark Call, Jackie Ulmer and many more as the recordings are all available in the member area at GVO and Pure Leverage: Just look for the tab on the left side like the one in the image below:

Pure Leverage Freedom Live event

Some of the key points Roger Dagenais made reference relationship building and seeking out what other MLM, or multi level marketing people are using to build their businesses in other niches.

Too often you see people using the same auto generated or standard websites that get blended in with the masses of other members and all the websites look the same.

Many of these same people looking to start a home business are also going about it wrong and not collecting leads correctly to develop a relationship and continue to provide high quality support and suggested tools to.  If they do not have a good lead generation website on their hands, they are often wasting their time and efforts as they might get traffic to their site, but do not collect the leads for future follow up.

The Pure Leverage suite of tools provides that easily with lead capture pages or blog that you can format to your liking as well as the ability to grow a list of up to 10,000 subscribers for a low cost of $25 a month.  With the additional tools like the webinar platform software included for 100 seats, video email, video hosting, live weekly training and more, the $25 is a no brainer when it comes to not only affordability, but being able to reach every marketer out there (whether they are just getting started or have been online for many years).

Pure Leverage works for any and all markets and niches.  It really does not matter what you are trying to promote as having a landing page and ability to capture contact information is one of the most important aspects to business growth.  When you can share your expertise with local businesses to how this works by giving them your knowledge it can grow from just starting with a free website set up where they pay for the hosting and tools, to you providing other services as well in the future.

Reciprocity sets in when one business starts seeing growth, they are likely to share this with others businesses in their area. You give and you get!

Just think about the types of businesses you can go out and help with the right tools to grow their business…in return, it helps out your business as well.

I am in the talks with both a wine store and a bottle return center just to give you an idea of how you can get out in the local market place to share the tools that Pure Leverage can provide.

Don’t you think it is time for you to take action on Pure Leverage as well?

Just go here now to get started for a buck!

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