Your Destiny happens with Empower Network Massive Discount

Your Destiny happens with Empower Network Massive Discount

At 2 o’clock today you are going
to have a date with Destiny!

Empower Network Massive Discount at 2PM EST June 3, 2014

Last night, 6/2/14 I spent a little over
two hours listening to a leader
share  some awesome news
that is going to save you some
huge dough…

…and earn you some huge

Getting right to the point, the
Empower Network is going to be
launching a massive campaign
for 72 hours, where you can get
ALL IN for a fraction of the price
and then turn around and resell
for even more commissions in
a couple days.

Starting at 2PM EST TODAY, JUNE
3, 2014 you have a chance to get
what would normally cost $5000,
for just $2997

This is Three major courses and
trainings including the Costa Rica
mastermind (Normally $500), the
$15K Formula (Normally $1000)
and the Masters Course (Normally

When you are a reseller (as in
an active affiliate) you can qualify
for 100% commissions (less merchant
account fees) on ALL of these products.

If you are not interested in being
all in, but want to be able to enjoy
the perks of commissions, you can
join as an affiliate here:

Though I would highly suggest grabbing
the products and learning from them
to be able to share the content and
explain to others what they are getting
when you promote.

MAJOR NEWS: If you jump the gun and
get all in now, before the 2PM sale
begins, you will become a FOUNDING
members which give you some major
perks for all future live events which
are going to be announced soon.

Major Bonuses: When you join me here
as a member of my team:

AND GET ALL IN, I am going to hook you
up with the following:

1) You will be getting some great traffic
to your affiliate link if you also sign
up as an affiliate through my MLM DRIP
which you can see here

2) You will be getting an hour call
on skype/phone/webinar software
to help you get going and started to
sponsor your first all in member.

3) You will gain access to my mastermind
notes that will surely help grow your
business in many ways…these will be
coming at you each week and you
can use them to write blogs posts,
make videos or podcasts for example.

I am going to bat for you here so that
you get some great return on your original
invesment and NO other marketer out
there is going to do what I do with the
MLM Drip!

It’s your time to take action and make
it happen. Nothing will ever come from

Jump in now and lets have some fun!

Remember, “You get out of it what you put into it!”

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