Frank Salinas releases EZ List Multiplier software

Frank Salinas releases EZ List Multiplier software to help you grow your list, build your downlines and advertise your programs. There is no cost to join!

Frank Salinas releases EZ List Multiplier software

If you are looking to grow your list with the help of others, build your downline, advertise your programs or make commissions for sharing software with others, Frank Salinas just released a new software that will allow you to do all of these!

EZ List Multiplier

You can grab your EZ List Multiplier by Frank Salinas by clicking the image above or the link below!


The EZ List Multiplier, is not a safelist, so you will not be receiving hundreds of advertising emails daily to clog up your inbox.  Instead it is a software that will allow you to earn credits for looking at other members ads as well as allow you to show the members the programs you promote which build your downline.

When the Referral and Downline Builder get added, you will be able to directly get your sponsored members to see your MLM or network marketing company that they can also join, or else they will be passed on to their downline when they join as well.


The EZ List Multiplier of course is free to join here:

Should you choose to upgrade your membership you will be able to earn more advertising options and potentially higher commissions when you refer members to the software as well.


One negative with this and all traffic websites like this is that there is the time suck that might occur when you have to physically spend time adding in your banner ads and text links, though there are some shortcuts, including having it outsourced or just adding credits to the existing ad.

Keep in mind there really is no such thing as free in business and will always have a cost one way or another, be it financial or time.

Take Action Revise Later

Take some action today and get your content out there…You can always come back and edit your ads or change the landing pages to where they end up, though I can guarantee with 100% certainty that you will not get any clicks to your websites if you do not take any action.

Grab your EZ List Multiplier today!

Dave Gardner

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How to get more free traffic from what you already do online

How to get more free traffic from what you already do online

When I was at the first Pure Leverage Live event in the fall of 2013, I was able to see Bill McIntosh, of JobCrusher speak and his topic was relating to “How to get more free traffic from what you already do online”

Bill McIntosh How to get more free traffic from what you already do online
Bill McIntosh How to get more free traffic from what you already do online

I had been making videos and adding images to my blogs and for my marketing for sometime, however realized I was leaving some important things out.  Bill McIntosh shared some tips on things you can do or tweak to your current marketing plans that will help bring even more free traffic to your websites.

For starters, being able to improve your SEO, or search engine optimization is going to help, especially if you are doing Youtube videos as Google of course owns them and will often give higher rankings for videos on the first page of a search for a video than something that might have otherwise outranked it due to only being a blog or basic website.

The more you can give the search engines, the better chance people will find you when they do a random search.  If you are doing a blog post and adding an image like I did above, you want to make sure that you provide keyword and related and relevant content to the image when wordpress asks for things like title, description, alternative text etc.

The search engines eat this stuff up and spit it back out in the form of more traffic to your site as you climb the rankings.

Bill McIntosh in his “How to get more free traffic from what you already do online” speach also gave us tips on how to properly add descriptions to our Youtube Videos.  Honestly, how many times have you seen a video on Youtube and they did not even have ONE WORD in their description.  Talk about wasted opportunities.

One thing he suggested was to actually get a trasncript of the video and post that as your description because the search engines can not scan videos to know what they are about outside of the title phrases or possibly any annotations that might be listed in the videos.  By adding a content and keyword rich description to your videos you will be able to rank higher in the search engines, again bringing more traffic opportunities to your site.

Regardless of how the traffic is getting there make sure you are collecting the leads when they do show up so you can follow up with them as well to help them or solve their problems (which is why they were most likely searching on the internet in the first place!)

In order to do that make sure you have the correct tools to collect those leads and be able to develop a relationship with them.  I use a system known as Pure Leverage which allows me to build a list up to 10,000 subscribers and email them as many times as I want each month for a low $25/month.  They also hook me up with video email, video hosting, this blog you are reading, a webinar software for trainings and live weekly tools and marketing training to help me grow my business.

Go test them out here yourself for just $1:

Inside the members area you can also get a chance to see Bill McIntosh’s speach on “How to get more free traffic from what you already do online” as the full Pure Leverage Freedom Live event was recorded and available with awesome content from Daegan Smith, Russell Brunson, Joel Therien, Mark Call, Roger Dagenais, Joel Peterson, Jackie Ulmer and many more in addition to Bill McIntosh.

Just look for this image inside the member area:

Pure Leverage Freedom Live Recordings
Pure Leverage Freedom Live Recordings

YES!  I do actually have a testimonial from the event inside the video, so be sure to check that out as well and let me know what you think here!

With a few tweaks and changes to your content production, you can start to see more clicks coming to your site without having to physically pay for the traffic.

You have to take action though…Without action you will see no results!

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Frank Salinas New Thank You Ad Network Give Free Traffic For Life

Frank Salinas New Thank You Ad Network Give Free Traffic For Life that allows you to add a simple code to your Thank you pages and generate traffic for life.

Frank Salinas New Thank You Ad Network Give Free Traffic For Life

I just became a founding member of Frank Salinas new “Thank You Ad Network” and it is already driving traffic to my sites.  The way this works is by adding a simple code to your “Thank You” pages of download pages.  For example, when someone opts into your website or squeeze page, they should be taken to a thank you page that has the content that was promised to them.  Here is where the additional offers or suggested items should also be added.

Why would you want to add more stuff to your thank you page?  Providing more value to your customers is rule number one, and it also provides you with a means to obtain more affiliate commissions.

Take a look at what this live sample looks like.  You can add this anywhere you would add code…it is not limited to just thank you or download pages.

Live Sample 1

Live Sample 2

Now if you notice from these two, you can easily change the settings in regards to border colors and designs.  You can even leave a blank border if desired on your page.  The choice is really up to you…Guess how long it took to make these?  Just about 10 seconds each.

Disclaimer: Your ad might not actually appear on the one showing up, but when you click on any of the ads, a script opens up with the Thank You Ad Network as the main page and the selected ad being present.  Where you earn commissions is on the banner ads that could be yours or the referral of a new members to the network.

When other people put the code on their pages, you could get traffic from them as well and thus it balances you out over time.  You will be getting free traffic to your sites for as long as the codes are online, which hypothetically is forever as many people will set their pages up and leave them be without updating them.

Chec out the Thank You Ad Network here:

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Dave Gardner
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PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant Access

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Simon and Jeremy are having an 11 day blowout marketing sale

Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson are having a blowout. 11 Products for $11 to boost your online marketing arsenal. From SEO, to niche webinars, slide in opt-in forms, traffic generation and much more.

I just picked this up this morning for a mere $11 to add to my marketing arsenal. Simon and Jeremy have been bringing great marketing products and training online for a few years and this is definitely up to par with them.

They just put a whallop of a package together…11 products for 11 bucks which includes but is not limited to the following.

Webinar Replay software, Amazon S3 Plugin, Slider Pro (for opt-ins), Niche Secrets Live Webinar, SEO Link building, the $50K monthly formula and much more.

For $11 it is steal and I am going to be using some of these soon. I usually like to play aruond with them for a while before I promote, though there is only 2 more days in there 11 Day Blowout sale.

It is worth a few minutes of your life to come check it out if you have plans to improve your online business these days. Even one of the products themselve could be worth the low price.

You even have a chance to win a new Kindle Fire or Apple iPad 2…so go check it out now!

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Membership Websites Build a Strong Community

Membership websites help to build a strong community between members in both the niche and in everyday life as many people will start bonding outside of the course or training they belong to.

Online, we all want to be part of a bigger community.  Perhaps you are part of the large groups that exist on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, or you are in a small group with much fewer members that focuses on a specific niche.

In both cases, you are participating in a community sharing ideas.  Many of these have a leader, specifically if this is through a website outside of the big social networks.  These sites that focus more on a specific niche are often referred to as membership websites.  Membership websites help to build a stronger community of individuals not only focused on a specific topic, but who also share ideas outside of this as well.

There are many ways a membership website can be set up.   One model is having all the content ready and available and people can get what they need and not really interact with others.  Many online training courses are established this way in which the developer sets up a series of trainings and members can view as desired.  Another common model is where content is still made available, though this time there is an open forum or blog format involved with the site where all members can comment on the trainings and develop relationships.

The later example here is the model that seems to be more common as people want to be able to learn from others and share their own knowledge as well instead of only getting content from the developer.  The relationships that have developed through this open format has gone beyond the typical online course content where many members go out of their way to meet up with other members at conferences.  It is not always about the content here, but instead about developing a sense of community.

Some membership websites have weekly phone calls or online webinars where community members and the course developer will discuss a major topic from the course or will expand upon a topic that has often been voted upon by the members beforehand.  These are times where they will collectively share ideas for an hour or more and often record the conference to be able to view again in their member area for those who were unable to make it that night, so they can still check it out on their own time and be able to comment on the session at a later time.

If you decide you want to start your own membership website there are many ways about this and software that can easily integrate the WordPress platform.  You can decide to require fees or provide a free community and be able to promote other products later on.  Any way you look at most people who are running one are looking towards monetizing it through ads, affiliate offers or promoting their own products.  

Even if you do not have your own product ready to go, you can still get going on putting your membership website together.  You might even surprise yourself when you realize how much material you can gain from your members that you can put into a new product to offer your current members.  With a little time and effort, you might develop your own niche related community.  All you have to do is commit yourself to spreading your message.  I am sure there are others out there who want to listed and talk back to you as well.


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